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When things tend to get busy, it’s easy for man’s (or woman’s!) best friend to get overlooked in the chaos and fullness of life.

Doggy Date Night is here to act as the perfect reminder to spend some one-on-one time with that loyal, furry friend!

History of Doggy Date Night

Dogs have been the sidekicks of people for thousands of years. Whether they are working dogs who act as guards, highly-trained companion dogs who help those who have disabilities, dogs who can run faster than a cheetah, or just an average but beloved family pet, dogs are certainly worth all of the love and attention they can receive.

Taking that little canine buddy out on a date night is a fun reminder of how much love and delight dogs can bring to their human families. Doggy Date Night was founded to show appreciation for pups of all shapes and sizes, while encouraging their owners to take them out and spend some quality time with them.

Let that pooch know just how amazing they are by planning a special outing in honor of Doggy Date Night!

How to Celebrate Doggy Date Night

It’s easy to find all sorts of ways to enjoy spending time with that sweet little pooch. In honor of Doggy Date Night, consider some of these ideas for celebrating and having fun on the day:

Head Out to a Dog Park

Doggy Date Night is the perfect time to grab Rover and head on over to the local dog park to have loads of fun. Whether throwing a frisbee, playing tug of war with a knotted rope or chasing a ball, a dog park can be a lovely safe haven from the world around. Plus, dog parks are an ideal place to meet other humans who also love their canine friends!

Grab a Puppucino

Starbucks, as well as other chain and local coffee shops, have been known to offer their canine customers a special treat. The puppucino, which is just a cup of whipped cream and doesn’t have any coffee or other ingredients, is typically free and served in a small paper cup that the doggy can lick from. While there, it probably wouldn’t hurt to order up your own cup of coffee or other favorite drink to enjoy in celebration of Doggy Date Night.

Check Out the Benefits of Dog Ownership

To gain even more of an appreciation for that friendly little hound on Doggy Date Night, try learning just a little bit about how beneficial it truly is to own a dog. Consider some of these important benefits that come from having a dog as a pet:

  • Dogs promote better heart health. With lower blood pressure, reduced levels of cholesterol and improved responses to stress, people who own dogs have lower incidences of cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks and heart disease.
  • Dogs encourage movement. Of course, the effort to walk them and play with them means that dogs offer accountability that keeps their owners moving and exercising in a healthy manner, meeting daily physical activity guidelines. And all of this movement can also make it easier to sleep better at night.
  • Dogs encourage social behavior. Not only do dogs reduce loneliness because they keep their owners company, they also help to minimize feelings of loneliness and depression by helping their owners have an easier time making friends.
  • Dogs can lower stress levels. Even when people are struggling with difficulties or crisis, people who interact regularly with dogs often show that their stress and anxiety levels are significantly lower.

Learn Fun Facts About Dogs

In honor of Doggy Date Night, check out some of these fun facts about dogs that will inspire appreciation and admiration for those canine pals. Perhaps share some of these bits of trivia about these loyal animals with friends or family members to remind them about the importance of this special day:

  • The most popular breed of dog is believed to be the Labrador Retriever. It has been on the American Kennel Club’s list of most popular dogs for more than 30 years, which is longer than any other dog breed.

  • A dog’s sense of smell is estimated to be between 1000 and 10,000 times better than a human sense of smell. While humans have around 5 million receptors in the nose, dogs have around 300 million receptors.

  • Although many people believe that dogs are color blind, meaning they can only see in black and white, this is not exactly true. Dogs can actually see in the colors blue and yellow. 

  • Dogs are some of the kindest animals. One study has shown that dogs are one of just a small group of animals that show unselfish kindness toward others, without the promise of a reward.

Head to the Petstore for a Doggy Treat

Doggy Date Night might be fun spent at the pet store where dogs are certainly welcome. Pick out a new chew toy, a bag of doggy snacks, a special bowl or feeder, or some delightfully scented pet shampoo. For a fun time, walk around the pet store and let that special pooch pick out his or her own treat. While there, consider making an appointment for a doggy massage or grooming service as an added benefit.

Take That Precious Pup for a Healthy Walk

Dogs who aren’t very social may not want to meet up with any other hounds at a dog park, but they might be content to simply get out of the house and get some extra exercise with their favorite human. Of course, bringing some extra dog treats along wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Perhaps Doggy Date Night would be a fun time to surprise that pup with a special new leash to make taking walks just a bit more stylish and cool. 

Doggy Date Night  FAQs

What is a doggy date?

A doggy date is a special time when a dog owner takes their dog out to spend some time together.

What dog breed is the most social?

Some of the most friendly dog breeds include the Golden Retriever, Boston Terrier, Labrador Retriever and Poodle.[1]

Should I bring my dog on a date?

Sure! Whether it’s a date with the dog, or meeting another human at the dog park for a date, a dog can provide a fun way to spend the day![2]

Why do dogs lick you?

When dogs lick, it is a natural form of bonding, expressing themselves, getting attention and saying they love you.[3]

How to show a dog you love them?

Most dogs like having their ears rubbed, learning new tricks, having a daily play time and going for walks!

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