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Dolphins warm our hearts when we see them because they always seem like they’re so happy to see us! These energetic, playful porpoises provide not only joy for people but also help protect the marine ecosystem that is our ocean waters.

National Dolphin Day is a day dedicated to dolphins, aimed at educating people about dolphins and how they help protect the oceans.

Learn about National Dolphin Day

National Dolphin Day has been created so that we can all pay tribute to this amazing mammal. Dolphins are incredibly intelligent creatures, as well as being wonderfully sociable. You may have even had the opportunity to swim with dolphins before, and so you will have experienced first-hand just how amazing these creatures are.

Dolphins are related to porpoises and whales. They are cetacean mammals, which can be as small as four-feet in size or as big as 30-feet. This is because there are many different species of dolphins. These mammals also prefer shallower seas, which is why there are plenty of opportunities for us to marvel over their beauty.

If you spend some time reading up on dolphins on National Dolphin Day, we are sure that you will be amazed by some of the information that you find. Did you know that dolphins have an in-built sonar? Dolphins use echolocation to navigate and locate their food. They essentially “see” the sound, as noise bounces off the dolphin’s surroundings and various objects. Bats also have this superpower as well!

There are plenty of other exciting and interesting facts about dolphins. We would recommend spending some time learning more about the different species of dolphins. A lot of people assume that all dolphins look the same, but this is not the case. There are around 40 different dolphins species. Some dolphins are pink, some are white and black, some have no fin on their back whereas others do, and some have no beak! As you can see, there are a lot of differences, and so it is certainly fascinating to learn about the various types of dolphins.

One of our favorite facts about dolphins is that they call each other names! And no; we don’t mean nasty names! Scientists have discovered that dolphins refer to each other by a given name.

History of National Dolphin Day

Listed under the AVMA’s Pet Health Awareness Events, National Dolphin Day celebrates the beauty of dolphins. Dolphins exist at the top of the food chain and provide a balance to the marine environment.

They give marine biologists a good look into the current health of the ocean. There are over 40 species of dolphins out there in the wild. Dolphins are highly intelligent mammals that are part of the toothed whale family, which also includes orcas and pilot whales.

Dolphins give birth tail first, have built-in sonar, and use their blubber as a heating and cooling system for their bodies. While the most famous dolphin is the bottlenose dolphin, there are also dolphins that live in freshwater, such as the Amazon river dolphin.

Others include the Ganges river dolphin, and Indus river dolphin, all of which primarily reside in the rivers of the region’s forests. Dolphins also have one of the most complex languages in the animal kingdom. Dolphins have even been known to refer to others by a given name.

National Dolphin Day celebrates the uniqueness of these porpoise creatures out in the ecosystem. It aims to educate people about the behavior of dolphins and spread the love for these joyful creatures. Whether you’re on vacation in the tropics or are visiting an oceanarium, this is the time to head over to the dolphins and say hi.

These creatures can help provide a better understanding of humans. Though they exhibit different behaviors and look hugely different, they remind us of our social, friendly behavior they exhibit.

How to celebrate National Dolphin Day

Celebrate this day by learning more about these fantastic creatures. Take the time to learn the difference between each species and make a comparison. If you know someone or are someone who loves dolphins, host a dolphin themed party.

Buy yourself or your friend a dolphin stuffie and save enough money to go on a vacation trip out to the ocean. Once there you can enjoy these creatures in person. Share this holiday with your friends and family and support your nonprofit organization to help keep these creatures and the marine ecosystem alive.

If you can afford to, it would be great to adopt a dolphin on National Dolphin Day. It is extremely sad to learn about the thousands of bottlenose dolphins that die each year because they accidentally drown in fishing nets. Adopting a dolphin can make a massive difference, as it enables the WWF to do more work to keep dolphins safe. This includes funding projects and working with fishing fleets so that sustainable use of the sea is promoted. When you adopt a dolphin, you will get a fact pack, as well as an adorable dolphin soft toy. You also receive a personalized adoption certificate, as well as regular updates.

You can also spend National Dolphin Day spreading awareness about these amazing creatures. Take to social media and share some dolphin photos, as well as some interesting facts about these mammals. You can encourage your followers, friends, and family members to adopt a dolphin as well. Plus, we can all do our bit to help protect the oceans. The main step that we need to take as a society is to stop using single-use plastics. You could also honor National Dolphin Day by joining a community or beach clean up?

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