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The sky is the limit when it comes to the dreams that children can have!

It is the job of their teachers, parents, and other adults in their lives to help foster their dreams, encourage open minds, and assist them in building the skills they will need to contribute to the world in the future.

All across the UK, especially on this day, children are encouraged to explore their interests, follow their passions and dream big about what the future might look like.

Dream Big Day is an initiative meant to break down barriers, promote diversity, improve social mobility, and make the world a better, more inclusive place for anyone to aim high and achieve their dreams!

History of Dream Big Day

Sponsored by Pearson, Barclays and Lifeskills, this event is organized by Careermap for the purpose of providing today’s children with the boost and encouragement they need as they become the workforce of tomorrow.

Celebrated as early as 2023, this event encourages employers and companies in the UK to partner with primary schools that are interested in integrating career-minded lessons into their education.

The hope behind Dream Big Day is that it will foster conversations and activities that inspire young minds to tear down the barriers that might stand in the way of them contributing to the world in a way that they are passionate about and prepared for!

How to Celebrate Dream Big Day

Check out some of these ideas for celebrating Dream Big Day:

Anyone Can Dream Big!

While this day is meant specifically for children in primary schools, there’s really no end to the ways that Dream Big Day could be celebrated by anyone!

Because no matter how far along a person’s life, it’s never too late to dream of a better world and make dreams come true.

Perhaps this would be a great day to reflect on the future, journal about wishes and hopes, discuss dreams or goals with a friend or life coach and consider what changes might need to be made in a person’s life to make those dreams a reality.

Check Out Dream Big Day Resources

Teachers, school administrators and other educators can get involved with Dream Big Day by accessing the resources provided by the organizers of the event.

Check out the Careermap website and sign up to request volunteer visits, find useful links to online tools and resources, and explore subject-specific resources for lessons from STEM to Art and everything in between.

Apply for the Dream Big School of the Year

Primary schools across the UK are encouraged to apply for a special award that features the brightest and best schools when it comes to dreaming big!

Schools that aim to get ahead of the game deserve to be resourced and rewarded. The winning school will show the best practice, inspiration, and innovation when it comes to preparing children, earning them a Dream Big Day Out.

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