It is time to sit back and relax and enjoy Dream Day!

But do not use it as an excuse to slip back into bed – Dream Day was set up by an instructor at Columbia University in 2012 as a way of helping us all achieve our dreams and to make the world a better place.

You can organise a special dream event, where a gang of you get together and talk about your dreams, or you can stay at home and dream of what you most want from life. We are talking more about ‘achieve my full potential’ and ‘end world hunger’ here, not ‘lose 10lbs’ or ‘get revenge on my boss’!

Come up with an inspiring dream, then work out an action plan to make it happen, and to help everyone else achieve their dreams too.

It is so simple, and there lies its beauty: All you have to do is… dream!


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Rickie Underwood
Rickie Underwood

My Dream is called ( I’m thinking of you ) this dream came from an Idea while taking care of my mom for 10 years starting with lupus and ending with breast cancer . I come from a big family and was very disappointed that most of them didn’t as much as give her a quick call to tell her they were thinking about her. That would have add to her healing process I believe ! Please call someone that you haven’t seen or talked to for a while or that is ill or lives alone… Tell them , I… Read more »

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