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A glass of wine a day keeps the cardiologist away, or so they say. That may be the reason there is such a thing as Drink Wine Day, but who’s to say we needed a reason to gurgle down a glass of our favourite zesty Bordeaux, anyway?

Well, whosoever thought of proclaiming a Drink Wine Day certainly pleased the gods and one in particular, Dionysus, or Bacchus to the Romans, god of merry making, wine, theatre and ecstasy. Whatever the vintage of the one you’re sipping as we speak, make sure you share it, because today is a ‘wine and dine’ day. In fact, you can leave out the ‘dine’ part because wine is said to be such a strong aphrodisiac, and red wine in particular, that your beloved will surely forgive you. In fact, let’s raise a glass to the French for the hard work they’ve put into making us more lovable. Santé!

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