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Driving instructors have a very difficult job! Preparing drivers with rules of the road, sign memorization, safety issues and so much more is a really big job. They are literally risking their own lives at times by giving the driver’s seat over to someone who is unqualified and a complete novice. But how else can a person learn how to drive but by doing it?! 

In honor of these folks who work to make sure that the people behind the wheel are qualified and safe, Driving Instructor Day is here!

History of Driving Instructor Day

The first mandatory national driving test was introduced in 1899 in the country of France, and around the same time the folks in various US states were joining in on the practice of requiring licenses for drivers. Eventually this developed into the need for instructors to teach all of these drivers how to drive. But it wasn’t until 2022 that the inaugural Driving Instructor Day came to life!

Driving Instructor Day is celebrated on this day as a nod to the first ever driving test that was ever passed in the UK, on March 16, 1935. Though the test was voluntary at the time, the rules have obviously developed so that it is critical to pass a driving test in order to be legal and road ready.

How to Celebrate Driving Instructor Day

Show some thanks and appreciation to a drivers’ educator and perhaps even the whole staff by celebrating Driving Instructor Day. Get inspired for the day with some of these ideas and plans:

Take a Day Off

The first order of business for people who work as driving instructors is to schedule no lessons, no work, no tests and no training in celebration of Driving Instructor Day! In fact, it might be nice to not have to go anywhere in a motor vehicle at all. Just hang out at home, invite some friends over, order takeout and have a little low-key gathering in honor of the day.

Thank a Driving Instructor

Those who have had a particularly helpful driving instructor, or who are currently taking lessons, might want to have a card prepared or just offer a verbal thank you in honor of Driving Instructor Day. Family members and friends of driving instructors might want to make a big deal out of the day by taking them out to lunch or dinner, presenting them with a gift, or even scheduling to have a weekend away to rest from all of their hard work.

Drive Safely

Perhaps one of the biggest compliments a person can pay to their driving instructor of yesteryear is to follow the rules and drive safely! If it’s been a long time, brush up on the guidelines and be sure to implement them. Far too many preventable accidents take place on the roads and highways every year, so in honor of Driving Instructor Day – and every day – just be a bit more careful.

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