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Every year we get closer to depleting the petroleum available in the world today, these fossil fuels won’t last forever and demand is only continuing to increase. There are other options out there, everything from taking the public transportation to using vehicles that don’t require gasoline.

Biking is unquestionably better for you, and many forms of public transport these days use propane or even electric. Dump The Pump Day encourages you to give yourself and the world a break from the pump and start changing the world.

Learn about Dump The Pump Day

The purpose of Dump The Pump Day is to encourage people to use public transport instead of driving. When the economy is tight and gas prices are high, using public transport is a great alternative, providing people with an excellent way of saving money.

A lot of people use local transport to make family visits, run errands, and commute to and from school and work. Doing this is not only a great way to save money on fuel, but you can also reduce wear and tear on your car as well. There are other benefits to consider too. Road congestion will be reduced if everyone tries to use public transport more often. Plus, the fewer cars on the road means less pollution too.

History of Dump The Pump Day

As petroleum fuels start to deplete the price of gas inevitably goes up with it, it’s a simple case of supply and demand. Dump The Pump Day was aimed at encouraging people to start reducing the amount of gas they spend by finding alternate ways to handle gas consumption.

Dump the Pump Day first started in June of 2006. The purpose of the day was to present public transport as a convenient travel option that helps people to save money. Since then, public transport companies and individuals around the world have been promoting this day.

It all starts with just simply not using their car for a day, but it can expand even further beyond that. There are other options showing up on the horizon, with hybrid cars taking some of the gas cost out of driving, and electric cars eliminating it completely.

Even if you can’t avoid using gas today, if your family uses two vehicles you can cut down to using just one car. It’s been shown that families who downsize to using just one car can save themselves up to $10k in gasoline every year, just on daily driving.

When it comes down to brass tacks, it’s all about finding ways to avoid using the pump on Dump The Pump Day and finding ways to help save the world and the future.

How to celebrate Dump The Pump Day

Celebrating Dump The Pump Day begins by choosing a method of transportation that doesn’t require you to stop at the pump. Look into public transportation routes, using them not only helps you save money but also aids your community to an unexpected degree.

Spend $1 on public transportation, and the community sees a return of $4 in economic benefit, that’s a 400% boost, all by choosing not to use gas! Whatever you do, help break yourself off the pump and find a new way to make the world a little more oil-free!

You can also use this day as the perfect opportunity to re-think the way that you travel on a daily basis. Sit down and make a list of all of the journeys that you are likely to take within your usual week. This could include going to and from work, visiting friends and family, and doing your weekly shop.

Now, see whether it would be feasible for you to switch any of these visits from being car journeys to journeys whereby you use public transport. For example, could you take the bus to work instead of driving? Could you hop onto the train to see your friends and family members? You can do the calculators to see how much money you would save as well.

How much does it cost you to fill up your tank with gas for the week? How much would it cost you to get the bus instead? You will probably find that public transport is considerably cheaper. By making a list and comparing all of the options out there, you will be able to make your travel as economical as possible, and that’s what Dump The Pump Day is all about.

There are a number of other ways that Dump The Pump Day can be promoted and celebrated. For example, if you run a business, you may encourage all of your employees to take the bus to work on that day. Another option is to add a fuel savings calculator on your website so people can discover how much they would be able to save if they did decide to use public transport.

Raising awareness is another part of Dump The Pump Day. There are a lot of factsheets and infographics that are floating around regarding public transport, and you will find that more are created in the build-up to Dump The Pump Day every year. Share this content with your friends, family members, and followers as a great way of building awareness and getting more and more people involved!

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