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Mon 1st May, 2017 will be...


1st May each year

While many of us may be unaware of the event known as Executive Coaching Day, it is indeed quite an important one. This rather unofficial holiday was created to recognise and improve the talent of those “behind the scenes” coaches that have allowed countless executives and employees to rise to the top of the food chain in their respective industries.

This day was founded on the premise that while coaches of professional athletes and actors have been celebrated, there has been little thanks given to professional motivators that have been responsible for creating truly unique businessmen and women.

Usually held in the beginning of May, this holiday is meant to applaud those leaders that have gone above and beyond their corporate call of duty and have provided guidance to some of the brightest minds in the world of corporate enterprise. After all, does it not make sense to celebrate the efforts of a few that have helped the many!

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