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All too often in our lives, we find ourselves in utterly thankless situations. We have dedicated our heart and soul to various projects and goals, only to find that, in the long run, these efforts are utterly pointless.

Or so that’s what we’re led to believe by the level of gratitude we receive from others. Thank You Thursday is a great opportunity to start making a positive change in this situation by recognizing those in your life who make things easier, those who love you, and those who just make your day better by tossing you a smile and a friendly hello.

History of Thank You Thursday

In situations from interpersonal to corporate, a show of gratitude can make a huge difference in the happiness and morale of those involved. Productivity can be improved by showing those who work for you that their efforts matter, simply by thanking them and showing them the full gratitude for all they’ve done.

When it comes to interpersonal relationships, there’s a lot of hurt and misunderstanding that can be waved away with a simple “I’m thankful for you and all that you do.” Thank You Thursday was established to remind us that there’s always an opportunity to thank someone and that gratitude can happen on any day, for any reason. This one is for those who need the excuse and a reminder.

Originally inspired by the inspirational work of Jon Gordon, Thank You Thursday was established both to embrace the power of positivity, and to show the boost you can give to another life and how such a simple act can even improve the life of the one showing gratitude.

Jon Gordon is a motivational speaker who has published multiple books on how to improve attitudes, morale, and the end result of doing so. Fortune 500 companies like Campbell Soup and Wells Fargo and sports teams alike have benefitted from his lessons.

How to celebrate Thank You Thursday

Quite simple really, celebrating Thank You Thursday requires little more than recognizing the amazing people in your life. Grab donuts to thank you team, or pass out cards for a personalized touch, or even just give a word of praise for those who make your life or business run smoothly and bring a smile to your face.

It doesn’t take long and Thank You Thursday will show you the results if you just take this one opportunity to voice the gratitude you feel. So get out there and be thankful, and maybe you’ll even find out who’s thankful for you.

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