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Extra Mile America is a nonprofit organization that helps empower people and organizations as well as cities, inspiring them to “go the extra mile.” The Extra Mile Foundation was created in 2009 by Shawn Anderson, who has said, “Our work is inspired by the belief that going the extra mile opens doors to new possibilities. Going the extra mile improves the results we find in life, both professionally and personally…it allows us to make a difference in our community and in our world.” Shawn’s philosophy has been highly praised by media outlets, politicians, and even Olympic medal holders. Shawn actually got into business at a very early age, when he decided to sell worms to fishermen at eight years old, an early sign of how motivated he has always been.

The History of Extra Mile Day

The Extra Mile Day was started by The Extra Mile America Foundation in 2009. As a non-profit organization that promotes action and a positive attitude, it designated the day to encourage citizens from all walks of life to simply live a fulfilling, self-directed lifestyle that does not constrain their potential, and that enables them to at least go the extra mile to achieve what they have always wanted.

Today, the day is recognized by more than 220 mayors in the United States and also involves celebrating organizations, institutions and individuals who put their best foot forward to ensure that others live a better life. In 2014, 527 cities in the U.S.A. declared November 1 “Extra Mile Day”! At an individual level, it is a day for soul-searching, shifting personal goals for the better, volunteerism and expressing gratitude to those who sacrifice their time and effort to go the extra mile for us.

It is a day dedicated to people having a positive influence on society and doing the best they can to make the world a better place for their own good and for others.

How to Celebrate Extra Mile Day

As the expression itself suggests, Going the Extra Mile means that Going the Extra Mile Day is a day to do more than normal, no matter what the area. In short, it is a time to extend ourselves in attitude and efforts, a time to find ways to make advances in various areas of our lives. This is the right time to examine our lives and ask ourselves if this is what we want them to be. Are we happy with the paths we have chosen in life? If not, what can we do to be happier?

If it’s our career that we feel could use improvement, Going the Extra Mile Day is the perfect time to think about what we can do to get a promotion or a raise, or simply become a more valuable employee. Maybe have concentration problems that could use work? Or maybe we haven’t done anything to keep up with technology in a while and are falling behind? We can also do some thinking on our relationships: are we satisfied with the relationships we have with our partners, children, parents or friends?

Maybe we have been part of a toxic relationship that is going nowhere for years and it’s just time to move on? The next issue to contemplate on Go the Extra Mile Day is our community—what could we do to help it become a safer, happier place?

In a nutshell, this is the day to look in the mirror and ask, “What can I do differently to make my life better or help my community? What can I do to ‘go the extra mile’”?

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