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Fancy Rat and Mouse Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate these beautiful creatures. Not to be confused with wild (black) rats, the Fancy Rat is the domesticated brown rat; while the Fancy Mouse is the domesticated form of the house mouse.

Both can be very smart and affectionate and make ideal pets, particularly for children (especially since there is much less looking after than with a dog, cat or rabbit!). But don’t let that make you think the members of the Fancy Rat And Mouse Association take their Fancy Rats and Mice less seriously than they would take any other pets!

Fancy Rat and Mouse breeders and enthusiasts head to California several times a year, where professionally bred varieties are judged on a range of categories. It is, in reality, a serious business. Karen Robbins, AFRMA’s spokeswoman, makes a convincing argument for the pets, saying, “Rats are very intelligent and can be trained like dogs. They are clean like cats—always washing themselves—and are very personable. They know their owners and want to be out with them.”

History of Fancy Rat and Mouse Day

The American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association, a California-based non-profit club of rodent enthusiasts that sets breed standards, organizes shows, and helps to promote both the fancy rat and the fancy mouse as appealing pets, was formed in 1983. The AFRMA claim their main objective is to “promote and encourage the breeding and exhibition of fancy rats and mice for show and pets.” Being held annually on November 12th of every year, Fancy Rat and Mouse Day is sponsored by AFRMA,with the aim of popularizing raising and breeding fancy mice and rats as pets and companions.

How to Celebrate Fancy Rat and Mouse Day

Rats and mice have a bad rap with large parts of society, as they are often associated with dangerous germs and dirt. What’s more, rats and mice are often feared by people, especially children. Most of all, if you are not already a Fancy Rat or Mouse enthusiast, it is important to remember that these animals are not the same ones that you’re probably thinking of, the ones associated with the spread of various diseases such as the bubonic plague or other such widespread disasters to humanity.

Fancy Rats and Mice have been kept as pets for years and are both clean and gentle, and definitely nothing to be afraid of. The Fancy Rat and Mouse show out on every year on Fancy Rat and Mouse Day by the AFRMA is not only open to rats and mice and their owners, but also to people who have no experience with these animals and are just curious, to the point that there is no entrance fee.

This could be a great opportunity to become acquainted with the creatures and get more comfortable around them. You might also want to watch some of the competitions organized that rats and mice take part in, and watch them win medals and trophies.

It’s truly an unforgettable experience! And if you find yourself becoming particularly interested in Fancy Rats and Mice and all of the things they are capable of, why not attend the display event that exhibits the rats and mice that AFRMA members have been breeding specificaly for the purpose of showing people just how adorable a purebred Fancy Rat or Mouse can be. This event can also be a great opportunity for all sorts of pet lovers to meet and bond over their experiences, exchange advice, etc.

But if you don’t have the opportunity to attend AFRMA’s event, how should you celebrate? How about a movie night in? Choose from An American Tale, Ratatouille, or some classic Mickey Mouse. Just don’t forget the cheese to nibble on!

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