Ferris wheels have always been associated with childhood; it’s no surprise how loved they are around the world, as people who aren’t afraid of heights get to see the horizon of the world around them.

Ferris wheels, however, are a most recent invention over the past 200 years. That’s why Ferris Wheel Day exists! Ferris Wheel Day is all about teaching people the history and cultural significance of this magnificent machine. 

History of Ferris Wheel Day

George Washington Gale Ferris invented the Ferris wheel in 1893 when at age 33, he introduced his invention to the World’s Columbian Exposition.

This exhibition was also known as the Chicago World’s Fair, where people at the time were celebrating the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ landing in the New World. When people saw it for the first time, they immediately saw it as the United States’ version of the Effiel Tower.

Ferris’s creation stood at an enormous 260 feet high, with 36 cars encased with glass and locked doors, and weighed in at a total 26,000 pounds. After the exhibition, the Ferris wheel ran from June until October 1863. It wasn’t until 1894 that the Ferris wheel got taken down completely. 

The dismantled part of the Ferris wheel was actually made into good use; During World War I, the scraps were used to make battleships, specifically the U.S.S Illinois. Now, Ferris wheels are everywhere, from carnivals, festivals, and can be seen at any kind of celebration.

This holiday honors his birthday as well as his invention. People celebrate this holiday by taking the time to ride the Ferris wheel and feel the wonder and excitement that comes from it.

Some make it a lover’s date, as it is the perfect place to gain some intimacy. Others come with their friends and family to take part in the event and some just take the time to learn about the different kinds of Ferris wheels around the world, which is fun in its own right. 

How to Celebrate Ferris Wheel Day

Head to your closest fairground, theme park, or showground and go straight to the Ferris wheel for some awesome fun! Bring your friends, family or lover with you when you go, and make it a date.

Take some time to learn about the ingenuity involved with inventing the Ferris wheel, and look up all the most well-known Ferris wheels from around the world. Host a party and make the theme all about Ferris wheels.

If you’re an avid collector, start collecting antiques associated with Ferris wheels and help share your love of Ferris wheels with your friends.

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