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Skyscraper Appreciation Day is the birthday of the famous architect William Van Alen, who is the genius behind the construction of the Chrysler Building, which is one of New York City’s most iconic landmarks.

Skyscraper Appreciation Day was initiated and founded by Dr. Tom Stevens. Interestingly, it was created so that the general public could admire the structural and architectural brilliance of skyscrapers. Furthermore, it also celebrates the triumph of reason and man’s ability to construct industrial masterpieces.

You can celebrate Skyscraper Appreciation Day by undertaking one of the following activities:

  1. Research the topic of skyscrapers on the internet and compile a detailed factfile.
  2. Venture to a skyscraper close to where you live and marvel at its architectural beauty.
  3. Sort through your favourite skyscraper photos and add them to the “Photos” section of the Skyscrpaer Appreciation Day Facebook page.
  4. Have skyscraper themed day where you and your friends dress up as famous skyscrapers from around the world.

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