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I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes, and the dreamer of improbable dreams.

11th Doctor Who

Enjoy the improbability of a far-flung food combination as made popular by the eleventh doctor in the Doctor Who series – celebrate Fish Fingers and Custard Day!

History of Fish Fingers and Custard Day

Since 1963, the BBC television series, Doctor Who, has been entering into people’s homes and hearts with its unique and quirky style. The classic show ran from 1963 to 1989 and was then rebooted in 2005 until the present. In the beginning, its popularity and fan fever started with just a small British following, but the fandom has continued to grow and evolve along with the show. With more than five decades and thirteen different iterations of the doctor, there is a ton of content and entertainment (more than 800 episodes!) for sci-fi lovers, Anglophiles, and BBC fans to enjoy.

The imagination and adventures of the Doctor Who series has addressed all sorts of interesting topics such as time travel, sci-fi, creative gadgets, social commentary and so much more. And the idea of combining fish fingers and custard together as a meal is just one of the myriad of things that makes Doctor Who so infinitely interesting!

The notion of Fish Fingers and Custard got its start in the first episode of the fifth season of the modern series, titled “The Eleventh Hour”, which first aired on the BBC in 2010. This episode brought about some significant updates to the series, including a new cast of actors as well as some updated story lines. And, of course, one of the most memorable is the fact that the 11th doctor, Matt Smith, enjoys dipping his fried fish fingers into vanilla custard!

Back in 2012, to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Matt Smith’s famous “Fish Fingers and Custard” scene in the Doctor Who episode ‘Eleventh Hour’, the BBC decided to coin April 3rd as the official Fish Fingers And Custard Day”. And what could be more fun than that?!

How to Celebrate Fish Fingers and Custard Day

As the fourth doctor would say, “ there’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes”. And perhaps Fish Fingers and Custard Day is just the time to be a little bit childish and celebrate with some of these ideas:

Try Fish Fingers and Custard

Anyone and everyone is invited to put their taste buds to the test by eating the (apparently) delicious recipe in celebration of Fish Fingers and Custard Day. Oh, and they’d quite like all of the day’s participants to record their activities on camera and upload them to YouTube for everyone else’s amusement!

So whether a person is a Doctor Who fan or just plain bonkers because they have always been looking for the excuse to eat these two items at the same time, grab some fish fingers and custard and get to munching!

Watch Some Doctor Who Episodes

With decades of shows to choose from, it’s easy to enjoy just one or two of them. Or, perhaps Fish Fingers and Custard Day would be a perfect time to start a marathon of the show that lasts for hours, days, and even weeks!

Those who aren’t very familiar with the show might want to start with some of these most iconic episodes of Doctor Who:

  • An Unearthly Child (1963). Perhaps it’s best to begin at the beginning with the first four episodes in this story where the good Doctor is introduced.
  • The Eleventh Hour (2010). Of course, this is the famous episode where Fish Fingers and Custard make their strange debut.
  • Blink (2007). It’s hard to go wrong with David Tennant as the doctor and the concept of statues only being statues when someone is looking at them is a brilliant one.

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