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Often overlooked as baby food, compotes can be surprisingly grown-up and sophisticated if they’re prepared in the right way. It’s time to take these dishes out of the nursery by celebrating Fruit Compote Day! Compote is the French word for mixture, and almost any fruit can be used, except for strawberries, as they don’t cook well.

Fruit compotes can be made with either fresh fruits or with dried, reconstituted fruit. A very grown-up way to re-hydrate those apricots or apple slices is to soak them in cider, or even Champagne, before adding them to a mix of summer berries. Compotes can be spiced up, as well. Add a few cloves and some cinnamon to a simmering pot of plums, apples and blackberries for a warming winter treat.

To really add an air of sophistication, finely shred some mint leaves and sprinkle them over the compote to add colour and a fresh counterpoint to all that fruitiness.

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