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Known as “Tag der deutschen Sprache” (in the German language, of course!), German Language Day offers an opportunity to appreciate the language and culture of this European Country.

History of German Language Day

It is believed that the German Language, or “Deutsch” got its start more than 2,000 years ago. Some records exist showing that people from the 1st century in the Roman Empire may have come across German speakers.

Now, German is the most widely spoken official, or co-official language in several European countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, and even the province of Italy called Tyrol. With roots that are similar, the German and English languages tend to share quite a bit of vocabulary and are considered to be 60% similar, lexically speaking.

The German Language Association seem to have started German Language Day and, since then, it has also been endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly and Conference. The purpose of the day is simply to encourage people to appreciate the beauty of the German language and the various cultures that embrace it as their own.

How to Celebrate German Language Day

Enjoy the celebration of German Language Day by paying heed to the day in some fun ways. Check out some of these ideas or come up with some other creative ways of your own:

Learn Some German Language Words 

One of the best ways to celebrate German Language Day would obviously be to speak German all day! But for those who are not yet bilingual, at least this would be a good opportunity to learn a few new words to take into the future. Here are a few German Language words to get started with:

  • Danke means ‘thank you’. This word is one of the most important for anyone who might ever visit a German-speaking country.

  • Bitte means ‘please’. Another vital word for politeness within the German language.

  • Guten Morgen means ‘good morning’. This is a great phrase for English speakers because it sounds so similar.

  • Entschuldigung means ‘excuse me’. Okay, pronouncing this one might be a bit more challenging–but try it anyway. It might even be fun!

Take a German Language Class

Those who have ‘learn a foreign language’ on their bucket list might use German Language Day as the motivation to get started on checking that item off the list. In today’s world of technology, getting access to learn a language is easier than ever. With online courses, smartphone apps and live lessons with someone living on the other side of the world, learning the German Language has never been more accessible.

Read a German Author or Watch a German Film

For those who aren’t ready to start learning German yet, one way to show appreciation would be to read a translated version of a book that was originally written by a German author. Or, even less of a commitment would be to watch a film that was made in German but has English subtitles. Enjoy the unique sense of culture or sound of the language in honor of German Language Day.

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