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National Schwa Day

Discover the enigmatic sound at the heart of linguistics, a subtle symbol of linguistic nuance and pronunciation variance.

National Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) Appreciation Day

Experts in communication development, these professionals empower individuals to express themselves with clarity and confidence.

Interpreter Appreciation Day

Facilitating communication across languages, bridging understanding for communities and fostering connections without barriers.

European Day of Languages

Diverse European languages weave a tapestry of communication, uniting cultures through a rich linguistic mosaic.

Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

Engage in playful speech, bringing joy and amusement, by echoing the unique linguistic flair of an iconic Star Wars character.

French Language Day

Celebrating rich heritage, the melodious language of romance captivates with its elegance, sparking cultural curiosity and connection.

National For Twelves Day

Sometimes symbolizing completeness, this number seamlessly weaves significance into humankind's daily rhythm.

World Kiswahili Language Day

Exploring the rich linguistic tapestry of East Africa, Kiswahili's expressive nuances mirror the region's cultural diversity and history.

Big Word Day

Elevating language with substantial expressions, conveying ideas with impactful verbiage for enriched communication and comprehension.

International AAC Awareness Month

Facilitating expression for those with unique voices, empowering communication, and unlocking a world of connection and understanding for all.

Spoonerism Day

Playing with language, switching sounds, and creating hilarious twists, these linguistic acrobatics add a dash of fun to everyday conversations.

National Word Nerd Day

Lexophiles rejoice! People who love words find joy in expanding their vocabulary, playing word games, and creating witty puns.

New Year’s Dishonor List Day

Expressing yourself with fresh language is always in fashion, but avoid using tired cliches and worn-out buzzwords.

German Language Day

Experience the language and beautiful culture of Germany. From "Guten Tag" to "Auf Wiedersehen", German is a language worth exploring.

International Day of Sign Languages

It's the expressive art of communicating through movement and gesture, a language that can be felt and seen by all.

National ASL Day

Over 450 million people around the world cannot hear spoken word. Learn ASL (American Sign Language) to engage with a whole new group of people and opportunities.

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Goat’s Cheese Day

See what goats cheeses are local to your area, and give them a try. Find a recipe, or simply taste-test a few to see what you like best and diversify your food.

Fashion Day

From bold prints to sleek lines, expressing yourself through clothing is an art form, letting you showcase your unique style and creativity.

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