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9th Mar each year

One of the most interesting holidays to be found is known simply as “Get Over it Day“. This celebration was invented in 2005 when a man was having a rather difficult time overcoming the loss of his girlfriend. In essence, this day is meant to help people get over their troubles and tribulations while doing so in humurous ways. It is also considered a day to remember that others in the world will certainly have it worse than us, so Get Over it Day is also a day to feel a bit humble.

Another coincidence (or perhaps not) is that this holiday falls directly between Valentine’s Day and April Fool’s Day. So, mixing a bit of partying and romance is certainly not out of the question. While this is still a rather young holiday in comparison with others, Get Over it Day is undoubtedly one of the more appropriate days to sit back, relax and decompress during these modern and hectic times.

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