Not quite like Valentine’s Day – this is about the girl friends. Two different words, referencing your friends. Not romantic entanglement, but friendly concourse and relaxation.

History of Girl Friend’s Day

Let us begin with what Girl Friend’s Day is – the day of the girl friend. A girl, well that definition is well and obvious for the most part. Occasional bending of that term may apply, but we all know what it means for each of us. A friend is a person to whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. That doesn’t mean sexual relations, just relations. We all have relations, and a friend is one who has a close relationship with us, no matter the context, it is that relationship that details them as a friend.

On August 1, 2004, Mistress Susan created a special day just for girl friends to express gratitude to one another. It’s a great chance to take your girl friends to go to the park, to a Broadway play, out to eat at a restaurant opening, see an indie movie, or to an upscale spa, perhaps!

How to celebrate Girl Friend’s Day

If you are really reading this for suggestions on how to celebrate Girl Friend’s Day, there may be a little hope left. Why not have a get together to have a luxury slumber party. Slumber parties are not just for little girls. Women of luxury can party hard at their soirées. Girl friends can even have powwows to discuss their business, financial and life goals. If you cannot get together with your girl friends today, plan an outing for another day.

Hopefully, you know your girl friends, and what they like to do as you all get together. Pedicures, manicures, a glass of wine sitting by the lakeside….the choices are as endless as the friends we could have. Find the way that best helps you express what you mean to them, and just do it.

If that means getting your hair done or going out shopping, that is what this day is for. Find your common grounds, take the day and enjoy the company. Enjoy the buzz of a glass of wine under the stars, a book club meeting to discuss the latest romance novel, or even just sharing a piece of pie in a diner someplace. If it means more to you and your girl friends, that would be the way to go. Remember, it is not about the best thing one could ever do, but the close personal attachment one would have with their friends.

So whether is over a cold drink, a warm beach or a hot meal, remember your girl friends and enjoy the day with them!

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