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With approximately 1.4 billion vehicles on the road today, it is vital that the global public speaks out and demands that the issue of car recycling be addressed and acted upon. While most countries do have domestic recycling programs for other items, cars that have come to the end of their lives can cause a bit of a problem. The makeup of cars is complicated and may even be hazardous and harmful to the environment if they are processed incorrectly – especially when it comes to electric cars.

Global Car Recycling Day is here to highlight the importance of responsible handling of vehicles by recycling centers as well as manufacturers, acting as a siren call to reduce waste and lessen the carbon footprint in this particular area.

History of Global Car Recycling Day

The roots of Global Car Recycling Day can be traced back to 2005 when its founding organization, CarTakeBack, was formed. This network of car recycling centers was founded in the UK and has since expanded to Australia and New Zealand as well as Spain and Ireland. Working in partnership with recycling experts, government agencies, vehicle manufacturers and climate-conscious customers, the unique aspects of this particular type of recycling are addressed through this network.

The inaugural event of Global Car Recycling Day took place in 2023 to draw more attention to this specific issue of recycling and environmental care. One of the goals of the event is for people to advocate for improved car recycling regulations in their countries all over the globe. Consumers and concerned citizens can advocate that the policies in their areas be changed to demand more responsible recycling for their old cars.

In addition, Global Car Recycling Day also acts as a siren call to support responsible and sustainable car manufacturing in the first place, which sets the stage for better recycling later.

How to Celebrate Global Car Recycling Day

Make a difference for the environment and check out some of these plans for getting involved with Global Car Recycling Day:

Understand More About Car Recycling

Because cars are made up of so many different components – electrics, plastics, metals, fabrics, fiberglass and so much more, they must be dismantled before they can be recycled.

Check out and share these interesting facts in celebration of Global Car Recycling Day:

  • Every year, more than 25 million cars are recycled throughout the planet

  • Car recycling can boost economies as it has created hundreds of thousands of jobs worldwide

  • The largest material to be recycled in cars is metal, with more than 14 million tons of steel recycled every year from end-of-life cars

  • Using recycled metals (in lieu of ore) when making a new car can yield a 75% reduction in energy, 95% reduction in raw materials and 86% reduction in air pollution

Advocate for Car Recycling Laws

Even though the US sees more than 10 million vehicles every year come to the end of their lives, the government guidelines are decentralized and vary by state. But even these guidelines are often more related to the disposal of hazardous materials and not necessarily related to recycling the bulk of the vehicles.

In the EU, End-of-Life laws have been enacted that require car manufacturers to make sure their new vehicles can be reused and recycled at least 85-95% of the vehicle. Some American citizens would like to see higher standards for the US car manufacturers as well. In honor of Global Car Recycling Day some passionate individuals and conservation groups may want to advocate for these types of laws on a federal and state level.

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