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Humans have been harnessing the power of the breeze and making use of wind energy for thousands of years! Today’s modern technology allows wind turbines to more efficiently convert this energy into electricity, creating this clean, renewable resource that is celebrated on Global Wind Day! 

History of Global Wind Day

This annual event got its start in 2007 when it was founded by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) to promote the clean, renewable resource of wind energy. Later, the EWEA was joined in sponsoring the event by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). Originally referred to as World Wind Day, this event has grown each year to include more countries and includes more events throughout the world.

Recent Global Wind Day events have attracted people from more than 50 countries with activities such as photo competitions, kite-flying events, charity runs, sailing regattas, and many other ways to participate. The hope is that more people across the planet will not only learn about wind energy themselves, but include their families, communities, local businesses and people with political influence. Increasing knowledge about this unique source of clean, renewable energy is a vital part of working toward conservation and sustainability with the earth’s resources.

How to Celebrate Global Wind Day

Show some love and care for the planet’s resources and promote the use of sustainable energy by celebrating Global Wind Day with some of these ideas:

Get Involved with Renewable Energy

Each community has people who can connect together to make more efforts toward making use of energy resources that are more sustainable and renewable. In celebration of Global Wind Day, perhaps it would be a good idea to join a local non-profit organization that promotes conservation efforts, or perhaps join with a group of politically active folks who fight for better legislation toward wind energy.

Test Your Wind Energy IQ

Hop online and find wind energy knowledge quizzes on a number of different websites, including the US Department of Energy page. Kids and adults alike will enjoy answering questions about their understanding of wind energy, such as where wind comes from, when were windmills first used, how large are most wind turbines, and more! This might be a fun way for parents and teachers to encourage children to get more involved with and excited about Global Wind Day. 

Use Wind Energy 

Individuals, neighborhoods, farms and businesses can all get involved with Global Wind Day by switching from less earth-friendly sources of energy to more renewable types. Check with the company you get your energy from and find out about the availability of green power in the local community. In some communities, it may also be possible to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates that account for and encourage the production and use of renewable sources of energy, like wind.

In addition to using wind energy, also be sure to promote Global Wind Day with stickers, yard signs, badges or other ways to let the community know and invite them to get in on it!

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