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Nested right in the middle of spring is a day that is dedicated to celebrating the wonderful ways of our feathery friends. For those folks who happen to be avid fans of cheeping, flapping, pecking, and swooping, then National Go Birding Day should certainly appeal! 

History of National Go Birding Day

Observing birds in their natural habitat is a hobby that draws a great deal of interest for many nature lovers, especially those who are drawn to the idea of functioning in a quiet and serene manner. Going birding is basically the same as birdwatching, although some folks might say that “birders” are a bit more enthusiastic and serious about the activity.

Where birdwatchers might be a bit more passive, birders may seem to be in it for the love of the chase. In addition, more than just using binoculars to watch the birds, birders are often engaged in knowledge of each bird’s distinct song or call, allowing them to make identification by more than just seeing.

National Go Birding Day is a time to show appreciation for the activities of birding or birdwatching, and encouraging others who have never done it before to join in on the fun. Conveniently celebrated on a Saturday in the spring, this is a time that people of all ages, young and old, might be able to participate in the activities of the day.

Sadly, many of the best-loved species of these avian friends, such as the common house-sparrow, are currently at risk and under threat. National Go Birding Day is also a chance to enjoy watching birds but also to draw attention to the plight of some of nature’s most enjoyed species of birds.

An ideal opportunity to get outside, enjoy some beautiful natural surroundings and give attention to these amazing flying creatures, National Go Birding Day is here!

How to Celebrate National Go Birding Day

It can be quite fun to celebrate National Go Birding Day on your own, with coworkers or with family and friends. A variety of ideas can make observing the day interesting, including some of these plans and ideas:

Go Birding

Certainly one of the most important activities of the day is set right into the name of the day. Celebrate National Go Birding day by…going birding, of course! Those who are novices can try to connect with a more experienced birder who can show them the ropes. Or, a quick internet search can offer some tips and tricks needed to get started with birding. Like some of these:

  • Get a Field Guide. The local library or book store should have plenty to choose from that offer information based on the geographical location.
  • Get Some Binoculars. These can be theater glasses or something larger, just to help with the ability to see the birds from further away. A notebook and pencil also helps for making note of what is discovered.
  • Get Into Nature. Choose a bird from the field guide and go to a location such as a park or nature preserve and try to find it. It’s loads of fun!

Watch Birding Shows

In preparation for actual birding, a great deal of insight can be found through nature shows that feature birds. BBC’s Life of Birds and The Big Year bird documentaries are just two of many shows that can help birders grow their knowledge of the hobby.

Feature Birds in Education

Those who are teachers or parents of children at a local primary school may want to put out an invitation to others who may be interested in taking part. Suggested National Go Birding Day activities for school children might include:

  • Hanging up bird feeders, and learning about the different sorts of food loved by various birds.
  • Taking photos of birds that can be seen in the garden or local area for those who don’t have a garden.
  • Visiting a local nature preserve should offer access to a wide array of flying creatures and may also provide age-appropriate educational resources for young students.

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