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Don’t you wish every day was a good hair day? Well, cult haircare brand GHD has been working hard to make sure that happens. Now they’ve taken it one step further by dedicating a day to making women feel fabulous and empowered, with Good Hair Day taking place every March. March is a great month to celebrate being a woman, with International Women’s Day also taking place on the 8th of March.

Good Hair Day is a day to make the most of one of your best assets, your hair. When your hair looks and feels good, it provides an instant confidence boost, which many people could do with on a daily basis.

A day for all women, no matter what their hair type and where they are, Good Hair Day is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the empowerment of women, and have a little fun too.

History of Good Hair Day

In 2001, three entrepreneurs from Yorkshire put a radical new hair styling product into the hands of women across the globe. With the respect and loyalty of an army of devoted stylists, ghd quickly developed a cult-like status nationwide.

Good Hair Day is a recent initiative created by hair tool brand GHD (a.k.a, Good Hair Day – see what they did there?). It’s a day to celebrate being a woman and helping women everywhere feel good about themselves.

Good Hair Day is a new day created to help women feel great about themselves. While all women should feel special and proud every day, Good Hair Day is the perfect reminder, especially if things haven’t been so great lately. Alongside International Women’s Day, having Good Hair Day in March gives several opportunities for women to celebrate themselves, and each other.

We all know that when your hair looks good, you feel good too – a reason why so many women treat themselves to a new hairstyle when they’re not feeling great. A good hair day can leave you feeling ready for anything, helping you to take on the world. By dedicating a day to good hair, everyone gets the chance to celebrate themselves.

How to celebrate Good Hair Day

A good hair day can make you feel empowered, confident and your best, brightest self. The best way to celebrate Good Hair Day is to do something to treat yourself and help you have a great day. There are several ways to get involved, meaning everyone can take part in marking this special day.

No matter what your hair type or length, you can get involved in Good Hair Day. Getting involved can be as simple as using a new shampoo that leaves your hair smelling great! There are some wonderful products out there that can make a big difference to hair, and a beautiful new fragrance can certainly put a spring in your step.

Why not treat yourself to a hair mask to give your hair an extra bit of TLC? A hair mask can fight frizz, add moisture, repair damage and also leave your hair looking and feeling amazing. As an ideal pamper treat, a hair mask could be a great way to celebrate Good Hair Day.

Another fun way to get involved could be to organize a hair competition in your workplace, college or anywhere else where you’d like to celebrate some female empowerment. It doesn’t have to be a real competition if you don’t want it to be – just an excuse for everyone to get a bit dressed up and feel their best for the day. You could even ask everyone to make a small donation to charity as a way for everyone to help others at the same time.

Booking a visit to the salon is another fantastic way to get involved in Good Hair Day. Nothing feels better than a fresh ‘do, so why not take the opportunity to have yours done on Good Hair Day? A simple blow-dry can also make a difference to how your hair looks, so a little treat could go a long way. You don’t need to have a big event planned to get your hair done, a bouncy blow-dry is ideal on any day!

Of course, you could also treat someone else this Good Hair Day. If you know someone who deserves a treat, why not book them a visit to the salon or buy them some pampering hair treats? A simple gesture can go a long way to make someone’s day, especially if they’ve been having a tough time lately.

A relaxing spa treatment could also be on the cards this Good Hair Day. An Indian Head Massage is the ideal way to relax, and you could even give yourself a massage at home as a Good Hair Day treat. A head massage can stimulate the hair follicles, promoting health and growth, making a regular head massage a must for your haircare routine.

You can also get involved via social media, sharing photos of your hair or sharing your top hair care tips. Whether you love to share photos on Instagram, join the conversation on Twitter or connect with family and friends on Facebook, you can get involved across any or all of your social media accounts. Use the hashtag #GoodHairDay and spread the word for others to get involved too!

Good Hair Day is the perfect opportunity to do something different with your hair. Try out a new style or a new accessory and see if it could brighten your day. Why not try that hair care tip you’ve been reading about lately? Taking that little bit of extra time to pamper yourself in the morning will help you feel extra special, helping to lift your spirits and feel amazing that day. Who knows, it could even start some great new habits to make every day a Good Hair Day?

Good Hair Day is a fun opportunity to celebrate the best of women and take some time to celebrate yourself. It’s possible to get involved in even the smallest ways, doing what makes you feel great about yourself. No matter how you choose to get involved, take the chance to enjoy Good Hair Day and feel amazing both inside and out.

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