Satisfy the sweet tooth on Nougat Day and declare it a day for not counting calories! Heck, satisfy a whole mouth of sweet teeth and smile all the way through bites of the delicious mixture.

Celebrate the ode to nougat by opening those all-time favorite candy bars that fill with the tasty confectionary. A mixture of honey, sugar, nuts and more, nougat has never been more deserving of its own day.

The 3 Musketeers and Baby Ruth bars are share-worthy choices; put them on a platter and hand them out to hungry neighbors. Join in the sugar high too, as any good neighbor would do. Downing one or two of the nougat-filled chocolate bars has a sweetness written all over it. Oh, come on, who wants to miss a calorie-free day?!

Any Charleston Chew fan sings the praises of this day – well, after the swallowing the nougat first! Sweet days are here, sweet days are here.



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