They’re the mainstay of backyard barbeque’s, the cash cow of fast food restaurants, and come in a million different varieties if we’re being conservative. The smell of one cooking is enough to set our mouths to salivating and our stomachs to rumbling, and they’ve got an entire month dedicated just to them! It’s the humble hamburger, and its history stretches back to some surprising (and sometimes predictable) beginnings. So hang tight and come with us as we discuss the history of the hamburger, in celebration of Hamburger Month!

History of Hamburger Month

So there’s a strange fact about the most popular ‘cut’ of meat out there today. It started out as garbage meat, waste that was produced in the process of cutting more desirable steak cuts. It was produced from the unwanted meats, the left-over slices from shaping up meat, and the general detritus of muscle tissue that was left after cattle were butchered. Eating hamburger used to mean that you couldn’t afford Atlantic shipping enterprise.

From there it went on through largely unrecorded channels to become the most popular part of the backyard meal, the hamburger. It can now be found in thousands of different locations with variations that range from the amazing to the simply bizarre. They’ve even started providing burgers in various other meats, from turkey and chicken to buffalo and emu! Hamburger Month celebrates this humble meat, that became a worldwide favorite!

How to celebrate Hamburger Month

All hamburgers, all the time! Every lunch and dinner can be a hamburger, and with the thousands of variations, there’s no reason to get bored! Share your favorites with your friends and neighbors, and encourage others to share their favorites with you! Maybe even arrange a backyard celebration where people bring their favorite meats, mixtures, and condiments! Hamburger Month is a great time to indulge in your burger favorites and explore new variations.

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