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You can have great teachers, but if you don’t have a good principal, you won’t have a good school.

Eli Broad

It’s funny in a sad sort of way, the principal is the chief villain in almost every high school show ever, and rarely do we see a positive supportive one represented. This leads us to the rather unfortunate conclusion that Principals are our enemy, and the enemy of every student no matter how studios and responsible. School Principals’ Day sets out to change that, and to raise awareness of just how important the school principal really is to the success of the school.

History of School Principals’ Day

No matter how big or small your school is, you’re going to have a principal. Sometimes you’ll even have more than one, but what exactly do these often mysterious and much-maligned members of the staff actually do? You may be surprised to find out they do far more than terrorize students and administer detentions, suspensions, and expulsions. This was the foundation of what students and parents alike believed them to be, and the Teacher’s Association decided it was time to create a celebration of these hard working heads of school staff, and raise awareness of all that their job entails.

The first thing to understand is that the school is on the principal’s mind, both before the day begins, and long after the school day is over for the students. From the moment they wake till the moment they go to bed the school is on their minds, how to help students be more successful, how to manage students, teachers, and parents expectations.

Throughout their day they meet with the teachers, sharing concerns about students, lesson plans, or goals they’re trying to achieve in their school. Sometimes it’s just to vent, the Principal is everyone’s school counselor. And we do mean everyone! Who do you think your parents see when they’re concerned about your performance, or want to yell about a teacher?

Their work is endless, and they are worthy of honor for the work they do.

How to celebrate School Principals’ Day

It’s pretty simple really, put together an organized event to show the principal how much you appreciate what they do. You could even keep it simple, just go into their office (not during a class period) and thank them for what they do, and tell them how much you appreciate the efforts they go through to make your school great!