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What day is it? Well, today it’s Happy Heart Hugs Day!

What does that mean? Well, it means it’s time to get super snuggly and lovely dovey with the people you really love – lots of happy hearty hugs all round!

If you’re a bit of a humbug, you probably won’t be up for celebrating this super squishy, loved up day. But if you like hugs and cuddles, and telling people that you love how much they really mean to you, then this day is all about you and those wonderful people in your life!

History of Happy Heart Hugs Day

Happy Heart Hugs Day was created by a dog – or at least, his owners.

Archie Brindleton, a super happy and super cute French bulldog inspired this day, presumably because as a dog he is full of happy hugs himself.

Today was made ‘for anybuddy that fills your heart with happy that is not close enough for regular-type hugs’, according to Archie himself. That means sending love to those most special in your life – a long-distance hug! A super, squishy cuddly one!

Anybody who you love, anyone who you think deserves some love, anyone you see as being a bit of an inspiration, or anyone you are just thankful to have in your life but you maybe don’t see as often as you would like. These are all people that could benefit from your happy heart hugs on Happy Heart Hugs Day!

The reason Happy Heart Hugs Day falls on the 28th June every year is because this was the day that Archie’s owners first brought him home. How cute is that?

How to celebrate Happy Heart Hugs Day

It’s time to get soppy and romantic. Let your partner know how much you love them with a super soppy text message, or let your family know how often you think of them by sending them a super sweet message on social networking or by email.

You could even get real traditional and write up a lovely letter for them. Make it as silly, soppy and sweet as you can. That’s what this day is for! Maybe even go all out with glitter and heart stickers just to make it really special.

Make sure you get the word out about Happy Heart Hugs Day by using the hashtag #happyhearthugsday on your social networking profiles and be sure to let your friends and family know all about what you’re celebrating!

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