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In the United States alone, at least 500,000 people are registered as hockey players, whether in youth leagues, as amateurs, or on professional hockey teams.

Hockey is a highly demanding sport that offers both children and adults many benefits—as well as a whole lot of fun!

Learning how to ice skate is a core skill, but other skills that can be developed include handling the puck, shooting goals, passing, and much more.

As a team sport, hockey also includes important facets of working together that are especially important for children and young adults to learn as they grow up.

Hockey Week Across America spotlights this traditionally cold-weather sport, which offers many opportunities for fun, exercise, and competition.

History of Hockey Week Across America

This ice-worthy event was founded in 2008 as an initiative of the USA Hockey organization.

The drive behind the event was to encourage the hockey community on all levels to celebrate and engage with the sport, whether as fans, players, coaches, or other stakeholders.

In addition, the desire was to engage with new audiences and promote the sport to create interest for a wide range of people and groups, young and old.

Each year, in honor of Hockey Week Across America, the organizers of the event provide different themes that can be celebrated for each day. Some of the daily themes in past years have included:

  • Hockey Is for Everyone Day
  • Hockey History Day
  • Try Hockey for Free Day
  • Welcome to Hockey Day

How to Celebrate Hockey Week Across America

Hockey Across America Week invites individuals, families, and groups of all ages to participate in the event in a variety of ways for seven full days! Get started with some of these activities and ideas:

Try Playing Hockey

Hockey Week Across America is the perfect time to try out this sport, especially for kids who are interested but perhaps unsure.

Many ice skating rinks and hockey leagues offer opportunities to try playing hockey for free during this week.

This is just the right time to check out local hockey leagues in the area to find out what type of opportunities they have for kids and adults to test out the equipment and the rink.

In recent years, several thousand kids have participated in the annual event by trying the sport of hockey for the first time!

Watch Hockey Games

Those who are not as interested in playing the sport can still participate in Hockey Week Across America by joining in with some professional or amateur teams.

Follow the sport on television or online with college NCAA teams or pro-NHL games. This is a great time to get excited and join a group of dedicated hockey fans!

Meet the NHL Officials

As part of Hockey Week Across America, USA Hockey offers an opportunity for young grassroots hockey officials to be nominated to meet some actual NHL officials before a game.

Teams across the United States participate in the program, which encourages young people to get more involved with the sport. For more information about the program, check out the USA Hockey website.

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