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The end of the winter season can bring with it a whole heap of blues and blahs and difficulties getting out of bed in the morning. It’s cold, it’s dark and it’s really just no fun. 

Hoodie Hoo Day is here to banish the winter darkness and welcome in the beauty of spring – even if it hasn’t quite arrived yet!

History of Hoodie Hoo Day

Like many days, Hoodie Hoo Day can offer kudos for its origins to Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat. This day was established with the idea that it is important to infuse some silliness into life just to make it a little more fun! Hoodie Hoo Day is scheduled to fall exactly one month before spring, and getting through the last month of winter’s dark days is certainly an event that deserves a little brightness.

The specific celebration for Hoodie Hoo Day is meant to take place right at noon, when everyone is encouraged to go outside and shout goodbye or “hoodie hoo!” to the winter months. Telling the snowy cold weather to leave while longing to usher in the green buds of springtime is a rite of passage that can be celebrated the world over. In fact, if groups of folks from every time zone celebrated at noon on Hoodie Hoo Day, who knows? Maybe winter will finally listen!

Note that in the Southern Hemisphere, Hoodie Hoo Day may be celebrated on August 22.

How to Celebrate Hoodie Hoo Day

Check out some of these helpful ideas for celebrating the end of winter on Hoodie Hoo Day:

Say Goodbye to Winter

Although it may still be too cool outside to put the boots away and retire that fluffy down coat, there are still some activities that can be done to say goodbye to the winter months. Start with an activity like performing some spring cleaning, getting rid of some dust bunnies or clearing away some cobwebs. If it’s sunny or even a little warm, it might be possible to throw open those windows for a little while to air out the rooms!

Make a Hoodie Hoo Day Playlist

Keep it fun and perhaps even dance a little when making and listening to a playlist created just for Hoodie Hoo Day! Check out some of these songs that might go right along with the day:

  • Beautiful Day by U2 (2000)
  • Can’t Stop the Spring by The Flaming Lips (1987)
  • I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash (1972)
  • Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer (2010)

Learn the Origins of “Hoodie Hoo”

Some people may be hesitant to start celebrating Hoodie Hoo Day without even understanding what they are saying! In this case, it might be good to know that the phrase likely originates in the southern parts of the United States. In fact, the most common use of the phrase – sometimes spelled as “hootie hoo” – in American pop culture may have come from the 1960s television show, The Andy Griffith Show. This show takes place in fictional “Mayberry” in North Carolina, which is said to be based off of Griffith’s real hometown in Mount Airy.

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