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Pets can offer unconditional love and help to make a home feel more welcoming and inviting. It’s only appropriate that owners take the time to show appreciation for them by celebrating on National Love Your Pet Day.

Pets can instantly put a smile on anyone’s face and bring joy to a household. Pet owners are busy people with jobs and families and may not always give a pet their full concentration. National Love Your Pet Day is a chance to give love and attention to any pet in the house, such as a dog, cat, and guinea pig. One trait that makes us all human is the ability and desire to love our pets, so it makes sense that we should all come together to celebrate their existence.

Learn about National Love Your Pet Day

It’s interesting to learn that most households in the United States have at least one pet present. It goes to show just how meaningful pets are to humans and that they share a unique and significant bond. Think along the lines of cats, dogs, birds, fish, and reptiles, for example. National Love Your Pet Day gives us all a reason to celebrate our pets and make them feel special.

Our furry and non-furry friends and pets have a very extraordinary place in all our hearts. Most would agree that it’s fun to celebrate this shared and matchless connection. Pet owners take pride in their pets and love to show them off and admire them. Humans and pets have meshed well together previously, and there’s no denying the fact that they continue to be a large part of your lives today.

The day is a time to embrace the idea that these pets are unique and special to us and have a place in our hearts. Love Your Pet day is a chance to show your pets extra love and your undivided attention. It’s about acknowledging the special relationship, and place pets hold in our lives and to pamper and admire them even more than we already do. It’s a chance to give back to pets everywhere since they’re known for helping to reduce stress and blood pressure in humans.

History of National Love Your Pet Day

Pets have been a part of human life for thousands of years, and it’s only becoming more popular and common to own one. Animals have been right by our side ever since the first moment of civilization. Consider the fact that wolves lived among humans for centuries, and there’s proof of humans and dogs and cats being together as long as 12,000 years ago.

In the 1600s, European royalty began keeping toy dog breeds. Pet birds were the pet of choice in Spain among all classes well into the 1960s. It may not be common knowledge regarding the person that started National Love Your Pet Day, but the masses began celebrating it and bringing it to light on a wide scale in the early 2000s.

National Love Your Pet Day Timeline

10,000 BC

Wolves become domesticated 

The first animal believed to transform from the wild state to the domesticated state is the wolf, the predecessor to the modern-day dog. It is believed that humans would find baby wolves and take them home to take care of them and train them.[1]

7500 BC

Cats may be domesticated

While it has been long believed that cats were domesticated in Ancient Egypt, recent information shows that it is much earlier and in the Near East.[2]

3000 BC

Parrots are domesticated 

Colorful parrots are domesticated by Ancient Romans and also kept as pets in tropical places such as Brazil. They won’t be present in Europe until several hundred years later.[3]

3100 BC

Dogs are kept by people in Ancient Egypt

While their relationship is probably not as much like pets to humans but more like working dogs to owners, the Ancient Egyptians keep dogs nearby to help with tasks such as hunting and guarding. They may have even named them and put collars on them.[4]


Oldest-known photograph of a dog is taken

Ever since the invention of the camera, humans have enjoyed their pets by taking photos of them and with them. The first known photo of pet is titled Poodle with Bow, on Table and will later sell at a Sotheby’s auction for more than $8000 in 2009.[5]

How to Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day

The best part about National Love Your Pet Day is that pet owners can pay extra attention to the animals they love so much. There are a variety of ways and options to choose from when it comes to celebrating National Love Your Pet Day. Pet owners should be encouraged to think outside the box and take actions that you know your pet will particularly adore.

A few ideas for what you can do include going for a walk or hike, playing with them and their toys, and snuggling and cuddling with them. As a dog owner, they may love going to the dog park, so be willing to take a trip there to have them play with the other dogs.

Many people find joy in taking pictures with their pets and sharing them on social media to let their networks know how much they love their furry friends. What’s most important and critical is that one purposely sets aside time to be with their pet on this special day. Pamper him or her with treats and show your pet that they mean the world to you.

Furthermore, take care of your pet’s health by making sure their vaccines are up to date and calling the vet to schedule their next appointment. Turn on the television and enjoy a feature film or video that includes a variety of pets to help cheer them up. Groom and pet your animal so that they look presentable and feel loved. Do them a favor by continuing to train them and practice commands with them on National Love Your Pet Day.

They’ll be better behaved, and it’ll keep them safe when you’re out and about walking them or in public. A pet owner might also want to celebrate by buying them a new toy that they know will excite them. Not only give it to them but then get on the floor and play with your pet. Also, wash their current bedding or give them a new bed that’s more comfortable for them.

Any non-pet owners don’t have to feel left out because there are plenty of options for this group to participate as well. For example, someone may want to donate money to a local shelter or adopt a pet themselves. One can also pitch in and help by offering to watch a friend or family member’s pet during the day while they are at work or need to travel.

Pet owners can rejoice knowing there’s a day designated for them and their pet of choice. Have fun celebrating and showing the household pet how much you adore them. One might even want to consider adding to the family on National Love Your Pet Day and getting another pet to enjoy.

Anyone participating in the day should take the time to admire how amazing their pet is and notice how happy he or she is that they’re receiving extra and special attention from their owner. There is a large community of pet owners out there so connect and share pictures with these individuals and ideas for how one can celebrate National Love Your Pet Day.

National Love Your Pet Day FAQs

How do you show love for your pets?

Everyone wants their pets to know they are loved! How to show this depends on the breed and kind of pet. Dogs like to be scratched behind the ears or on the belly. Cats enjoy hearing their voices mimicked. And rabbits like to spend quality time with their humans.[1]

How are pets beneficial to humans?

National Love Your Pet Day is a perfect time to be reminded of the symbiotic relationship between pets and owners. All pets, but particularly cats and dogs, can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and depression, provide companionship and teach children responsibility.[2]

How to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day?

This is a great day to simply show pets they are loved by buying them treats, giving them an extra hug or scratch behind the ears, or just giving them extra attention.[3]

When is National Love Your Pet Day?

Always occurring in late winter, National Love Your Pet Day falls on February 20 of each year.[4]

Which pets live the longest? 

Those who are looking to develop a relationship with a pet might wonder how long they can expect them to live. Pet tortoises are, by far, the longest living pet and can often outlive their owners as they can live approximately 50-100 years.[5]

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