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Here’s an event to celebrate with relish! National Horseradish Month offers a chance to add a little bit of zing to that menu, by finding out how the flavor of this tasty root can level up all kinds of meals!

History of National Horseradish Month

Horseradish has a long and deep culinary history. In fact, this root vegetable has been grown for at least 3,000 years, and was prized by both the ancient Egyptians as well as the Greeks. Over the centuries, it has been used as everything from a cough medicine to a love potion, from a back pain remedy to with a whole load of other purposes too. While low on calories and fat, it’s famously big on flavor – and packed with valuable minerals and vitamins.

National Horseradish Month has been celebrated at least since 2006, and lovers of horseradish are certainly excited about sharing their passions with the world during this time! This celebration can certainly be a great excuse to try some deliciously different horseradish recipes.

Everyone knows that horseradish compliments roast beef, but this would be the perfect time to taste it with fish, chicken or even try it with some eggs. Get creative and have some fun in honor of National Horseradish Month!

How to Celebrate National Horseradish Month

With an entire month of days to focus on this interesting food, there can be a whole host of ideas and activities. Get on board with National Horseradish Month with some of these ways of celebrating:

Try Some New Horseradish Recipes

Those who enjoy getting creative in the kitchen might want to take National Horseradish Month as a culinary challenge by learning to make some new recipes and sharing them with family and friends in honor of this special occasion.

Check out some online ideas for recipes that include horseradish. For instance, it might be fun to serve a shrimp cocktail, but with a surprising horseradish infused cocktail sauce. For a simple item to put together, try out some ham and reuben sandwiches with Russian horseradish sauce. Those who are feeling fairly confident in the kitchen might want to dive into a horseradish and crumb crusted salmon recipe. The options are almost endless so get creative and have tons of fun in celebration of this month!

Enjoy Some Horseradish Cocktails

Horseradish can also be included as an ingredient in a Bloody Mary and horseradish schnapps is brewed in Germany – so it might be really fun to toast the occasion in style. Try out some of these other ideas for cocktails to celebrate and raise a glass to National Horseradish Month:

  • Horseradish Black Pepper Gibson. Enjoy a base of pepper vodka blended with horseradish and dry vermouth. Garnish with cocktail onions.
  • Cranberry Horseradish Martini. Take the cranberry juice, vodka and vermouth to a whole new level when using cranberry horseradish. Add an extra touch by coating the rim with cranberry horseradish and red sanding sugar.
  • Horseradish Pomegranate Margarita. Add some kick to that drink from the south of the border by infusing it with horseradish. In addition to tequila and Cointreau, add a hint of pomegranate juice and lime.
  • Longfellow. This sassy cocktail was invented in a New York City restaurant. The long list of ingredients in this spicy drink include gin infused with horseradish as well as Cocchi Americano, lemon juice, apple and pear brandy, honey and cinnamon syrups, cardamom pods and even a bit of absinthe.

Host a National Horseradish Month Party

National Horseradish Month is a fun and off-the-wall reason to host a party for friends where drinks and appetizers are served – but with a horseradish twist! Invite friends and family to bring their favorite dish or sauce made with horseradish. And then be sure to serve some amazing cocktails that offer the zing and zest of this incredibly interesting flavor.

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