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Houseplants are a wonderful addition to any home, adding the fresh scent of living earth, the subtle fragrance of those favorite flowers, or just bringing a bit of the outdoors into the indoors. While some people have difficulty being able to sustain these little treasures over long periods of time, it has actually been shown to be incredibly therapeutic to have this blush of the natural world inside a person’s home.

History of National Houseplant Appreciation Day

National Houseplant Appreciation Day was established by The Gardener’s Network, turning it into an official opportunity to remind people of the benefits of houseplants. Often with the holiday season fading into the past, people’s homes tend to lose some of their beauty and joy. Removing all of the red ribbons and greenery from decked out halls can make things feel a bit stark. But this very timing makes National Houseplant Appreciation Day the perfect opportunity to brighten up anyone’s home with the sharp splash of green that is provided by a living plant!

There are so many things that houseplants can help with when it comes to enhancing a person’s life. while catnip can be a delightful treat to make those cats happy. Though cat owners may want to grow it someplace secluded where felines can’t get to it!

How to Celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day

Celebrating Houseplant Appreciation Day can be loads of fun! Try out some of these ideas for getting involved in celebration of the day:

Grow Some Houseplants

Houseplant appreciation day is all about bringing the joy and pleasure of the houseplant into each person’s home. Whether a person decides to start growing a small group of flowering plants for their color and fragrance, or a small herb garden to enhance the kitchen, National Houseplant Appreciation Day is the perfect opportunity to really brighten up your home. Try out some of these ideas for getting started:

  • Aloe Vera
    For those who have a brown thumb, then try some of the plants that require very little attention. Aloe Vera is very forgiving as it’s a desert plant, it will actually prefer an environment where it doesn’t receive water too often. Aloe Vera grows quite well indoors and is perfect when used as a first aid treatment for minor cuts and bruises, helping to moisturize skin, and healing minor burns.
  • Cactuses and Succulents
    These other low-maintenance plants are also perfect for beginners. Succulents are especially fun because they propagate very quickly and easily, creating plenty of opportunity to expand one houseplant into several with fast turnaround. Plus, they don’t mind being ignored for a little while!
  • Spider Plants
    Those who prefer something a bit more in the realm of vinery, spider plants can be a fun plant to grow. No, they don’t have anything to do with spiders, they just have long, thin vines and delicate leaves that are somewhat reminiscent, and when spider plants reproduce, their “babies” look an awful lot like spiders.
  • Window Gardens
    For the ambitious gardener, perhaps it’s time to dive into creating a small window garden full of beautiful flowers and deliciously savory herbs. They do require a bit more effort than the Aloe Vera or spider plants, but they give you wonderful rewards for everything you put in. A small herb garden in the window sill can bring the delicious taste of fresh herbs to homemade meals!

Treat Those Plants Right

For people who have houseplants but don’t always pay them the attention they deserve, this is a great day to give them a little extra love! Try these ideas for treating those plants with special care on this day:

  • Talk to Those Houseplants
    While it might seem crazy, research does show that plants that are talked to may grow better and live longer. No one can really say why, but it’s true! So start a little conversation with those houseplants and see what happens.
  • Add Some Fertilizer
    If it’s been awhile since the houseplants have gotten the benefit of some added food and fertilizer, this is a great day to give them a special treat.
  • Get Some New Pots
    Houseplant pots don’t have to be boring clay pots anymore! The varieties are almost endless for ones that match the decor or even ones that water themselves.

Play Houseplant Themed Music

Feeling weird about talking to those houseplants? That’s okay! They seem to respond fairly well to music also. Try creating a houseplant-themed playlist on Spotify, Pandora or another music platform. Here are some songs to get started with:

  • Feed Me (Git It) on The Little Shop of Horrors Soundtrack (1986)
    What could be better than a song sung by a very hungry plant?
  • Ivy by Frank Ocean (2016). This song is by an American R & B singer
    Sure, it’s probably meant to be sung to a woman named Ivy, but it’s okay.
  • Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen (1995)
    Released as a single on the greatest hits album by The Boss, himself.
  • Mother Earth’s Plantasia by Mort Garson (1976)
    This is an entire album of electronic music specifically created to play for plants in order to soothe them.

Give a Houseplant as a Gift

Thinking of someone who loves houseplants? Then celebrate the day by gifting them with a new houseplant they can enjoy! Whether it’s a low maintenance plant, such as a Jade plant, or something a bit more fussy like an orchid or an african violet, giving a houseplant as a gift is a fun little way to show someone how much they are loved.

Household Appreciation Day is finally time to celebrate all the little nooks and crannies in your home, by filling them with plants!

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