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With eyesight that is eight times better than humans, majestic eagles build their nests on top of high cliffs to get the best vantage point. And with a grip that is up to ten times stronger than humans, eagles are incredibly powerful. Both of these attributes make them amazing hunters. But there was one point when these birds almost became extinct.

National Save the Eagles Day is here to raise awareness about and promote the plight of these marvelous birds.

History of National Save the Eagles Day

Native to North America, Bald eagles were on the endangered species list for several decades but, thankfully, they were saved from extinction and removed from the list in 2007.

While bald eagles and golden eagles are the most well-known in Canada and the US, there are 60 different species of eagles that live all over the globe, many of them in Eurasia or Africa. These birds of prey have large wingspans and spend a lot of their time looking relaxed as they glide effortlessly throughout the air.

National Save the Eagles Day was founded by the local community of Ridgefield Village Park and the Bergen County Audubon Society in an effort to rescue one particular couple of eagles whose habitat was at risk.

When these two eagles, named Alice and Al, built their home in Ridgefield overlooking Overpeck Creek, there was some concern about health risks that might be involved and a development corporation decided to remove the eagles. However, the local community was unhappy with the solution and they decided to organize a way to allow this eagle couple to keep their home. And they succeeded!

Even though National Save the Eagles Day was originally established around a specific set of eagles, it has now gained traction and the celebration has spread!

National Save the Eagles Day Timeline


Bald Eagle is adopted as US symbol 

With anecdotal accounts of upwards of 100,000 nesting eagles, Americans choose this as a symbol of freedom.[1]


The Eagles band is formed 

A frontrunner in American country rock, this band originally consists of Don Henley, Randy Meisner, Glenn Frey and Bernie Leadon.[2]


Bald Eagle is declared endangered 

Under the Endangered Species Act, the US government works to protect the bald eagle, which has only 500 breeding pairs left on the planet.[3]


Bald Eagle removed from endangered list 

While still protected, the Bald Eagle emerged from the endangered list as their populations had recovered significantly to more than 300,000.[4]


Save the Eagles Day begins 

Founded in an effort to save a particular pair of eagles that were nesting in New Jersey, the first Save the Eagles Day is celebrated.[5]

How to Celebrate National Save the Eagles Day

Get involved and have fun with National Save the Eagles Day by trying out some of these fun ideas:

Go Eagle Watching

Heading out early in the morning to go eagle watching might be the perfect activity to do in celebration of National Save the Eagles Day! Of course, it depends on location, so some people might need to turn it into a road trip to get to a good park or another place that is known for eagle watching.

Eagle watching requires some patience and dedication, but it can also be very satisfying. Head out early because eagles are the most active in the morning, from sunrise until about 10am when bald eagles are likely to be hunting and feeding.

While it might seem odd, some people don’t realize that, in some locations like Washington state, eagle watching is more likely to be successful in years that end in even numbers. This is because “even” numbered years tend to have higher populations of salmon that are swimming upstream. In addition, they may be most prevalent in certain areas in the month of December. And they also seem to enjoy hunting more on days that are cloudy!

Learn Fun Facts About Eagles 

One cool way to celebrate National Save the Eagles Day is to raise awareness by learning and sharing some bits of trivia and fun facts about these fascinating birds.

  • Unlike most species, the female bald eagle is slightly larger than her male partner.

  • Sadly, most eagle related deaths are caused by humans, including impact with man-made structures, gunshot and poisoning.

  • While hawks have a strong cry, eagles actually sound a bit silly. Because of this, most films and television shows replace the actual sound of eagles with that of hawks.

  • Eagles can dive up to 100 miles per hour when hunting and they fly at about 30 miles per hour when traveling casually.

Make a Donation to Save Eagles and Other Wildlife

One superb way to be involved with helping out on National Save the Eagles Day is by making a financial contribution to a charity that helps to protect and rescue animals that are in danger. Consider learning more about one of these charities:

  • American Bald Eagle Foundation. Working to protect and preserve the habitat for bald eagles, this organization educates and also performs research activities to better serve the needs of these eagles.
  • American Eagle Foundation. This organization is similar to the one above, but it works to meet the needs of not only the bald eagle but also other birds of prey as well. Their mission is threefold: to conserve, educate and protect.
  • Defenders of Wildlife. This organization works to protect and help out all wildlife, including the bald eagle which is the only eagle that is unique to North America.
  • National Wildlife Federation. This is another charity dedicated to protecting and helping at-risk wildlife, including birds of prey.

Listen to Songs by the Eagles

In honor of the day, how about queuing up some music that was made by the classic rock band themselves, the Eagles? With more than twenty albums to their credit, as well as some video albums, there’s plenty of options for listening to this trailblazing country rock band.

Check out one – or several – of these favorite songs by the Eagles in celebration of Save the Eagles Day:

  • Hotel California (1976). One of the most famous songs by the band, this interesting tune tells a strange story that has been said to be about “excess in America”.
  • Take It to the Limit (1975). From the album, One of These Nights, this song is all about the encouragement to keep on trying, even when life gets tough.
  • Peaceful Easy Feeling (1972). From their debut album, this song’s lyrics are about a girl the singer is interested in, but he’s decided ahead of time that he’s not going to let her disturb his “peaceful, easy feeling”.
  • Take It Easy (1972). Written by Jackson Browne as well as Eagles band member Glenn Frey, this was the first single released by the Eagles and its message is about not getting “too big too fast”.

National Save the Eagles Day FAQs

How do eagles fly?

Eagles are able to fly through the air primarily by their ability to soar.[1]

What do eagles eat?

Eagles typically have a diet of small mammals and birds, such as rabbits, grouse, gulls and more.[2]

What saved the bald eagle from extinction?

Captive breeding, habitat protection, law enforcement and reintroduction efforts helped minimize the risk of extinction for the bald eagle.[3]

Do eagles eat hawks?

Eagles who prey sometimes will eat small hawks or baby hawks after attacking their nest.[4]

Do eagles mate for life?

Usually, bald eagles mate for life, making them loyal spouses and parents for their average 30 years of life.[5]

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