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Throughout history there have been instances of wanton cruelty, and a blatant violation of the rights and privileges of mankind. Whether that was based on the color of one’s skin, their nationality, religion, or merely being unfortunate enough to be living under the regime of another country, people have regularly been treated like animals, or worse.

Universal Human Rights Month is here to remind us of that day in 1948 when the United Nations General Assembly codified the basic human rights of every individual on the planet.

History of Universal Human Rights Month

During World War II there were four basic goals stated by the Allies, that ever man and woman should know and experience four freedoms. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from fear, and Freedom from want. These ideas were set in place and upheld, but as was made clear by the atrocities committed by Hitler, they were woefully insufficient to guarantee and enforce the freedoms they represented.

So it came to pass in December of 1948 that the United nations General Assembly put forth 30 articles that cover everything from rights to education, freedom, health, and more. Since this event these articles have served to help protect civilians in time of war or dictatorship, to help bring POW’s home, and to ensure that people everywhere are allowed to live in liberty and safety.

How to celebrate Universal Human Rights Month

The best way to celebrate Human Rights month is to take time to understand what exactly this codified set of freedoms does for you. Studying and researching it is a way to honor the work and lives that went into making sure this document came to exist for the good of all mankind. It’s also a great opportunity to spend some time volunteering for organizations like Amnesty International, a charity organization that works tirelessly to support and spread human rights.

Working with organizations like these will help millions of people around the world, and the ways to contribute are endless. It can start as simple as a donation drive, or grow to a continuous and concerted effort to help prisoners and the needy all throughout the world. We all benefit from the work done by these august organizations, International Universal Human Rights Month is your opportunity to give a little back for the protections you enjoy as a citizen of the world.

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