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A-line, mini-dress, empire waist, sundress and so many more. The styles of dresses available to women today are almost endless. And it’s a good thing, because it’s time for Wear a Dress Day!

History of Wear a Dress Day

Certainly the hard-fought battle making it acceptable for women to wear pants if they want was an important part of the feminist movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. And though it is certainly every woman’s right now to wear trousers, vote, participate in the workplace and do pretty much anything a man does – this doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have the option to wear a dress every once in a while if she chooses!

Wear a Dress Day offers women a reminder that it can be fun, feminine and enjoyable to get dressed up just a bit, just because. So, the premise is easy and the instructions are in the name. Simply wear a dress!

Wear a Dress Day seems to have gotten its start in Bend, Oregon in 2010 when a group of folks were talking about how beautiful dresses are and how women might want to wear them more often. The day soon spread through social media (it even had its own Facebook page for a while) and grew in numbers to reach more than 100,000 people in that first year. 

Since that time, Wear a Dress Day has been celebrated each year at the beginning of June. And some die hard participants celebrate the day twice a year, by wearing a dress on the first day of December as well.

How to Celebrate Wear a Dress Day

Enjoy the delight of embracing that feminine side and getting dressed up in a skirt or a dress just for the fun of it on Wear a Dress Day. Observe the day with some of these ideas and activities:

Wear a Dress, of course!

Certainly the thing to do on a day such as today is to pull a dress out of the back of the closet and wear it! For women who wear a dress on the regular, this might not be that shocking but can still be fun. But for those who typically have a life uniform of jeans and a t-shirt (or for the Hilary-Clinton-inspired women who normally wear pantsuits), Wear a Dress Day can certainly be a departure from the norm.

And, hey, who says this day only has to be for women? Perhaps some men want to get in on the action of Wear a Dress Day and surprise their coworkers or family members by donning a dress! It’s only fair and equal, after all.

Go Dress Shopping

Perhaps it has been a very long time since the need for a dress has arisen. So Wear a Dress Day can be the perfect excuse to go shopping for a new dress that will fit and flatter that beautiful figure. Perhaps it will be in a boutique scenario like the one on Rodeo Drive à la Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Or maybe it will be more like digging through discount racks or even a thrift store to see what vintage styles can be found. In any case, be sure to have fun!

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