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Intergenerational Week is a special time each year. It’s one week when we celebrate the ties that bind us across the generations.

These bonds undoubtedly explain the affection cascading from grandparents to their children and grandchildren. Intergenerational Week brings understanding and respect, transcending age.

History of Intergenerational Week

The St. Monica Trust is a United Kingdom non-profit organization with a long history of community service. It was organized in 1925 by the Wills family in Bristol, United Kingdom. The organization’s goal is simple: enriching the lives of older adults.

So, what does that have to do with Intergenerational Week?

In March 2020, the St. Monica Trust made history. They hosted the UK’s first successful Intergenerational campaign from March 23 to March 29.

Generations Working Together (G.W.T.), a Scottish non-profit working on intergenerational projects, took the reins the following year. But they didn’t accomplish this alone. Instead, they linked shields to organize the second year’s campaign. Some of the groups involved were the following:

  • The Cares Family in Northern Ireland
  • Bridging Generations in Wales
  • The Cares Family in England

That second campaign ran during the second week of March. Specifically, they held it from March 8 to 14, 2021. The impact was remarkable, with over 120,000 enthusiastic participants helping to spread the message: ‘say no to the age gap.’

Intergenerational Week intends to inspire individuals, regardless of their age. But it also reminds governmental and non-governmental organizations to embrace intergenerational practices. The goal is to bring people from all generations together in a unified way.

The support for the Intergenerational Week campaign extends far and wide. Over forty organizations back the efforts. Names like Ancaster House, University of Strathclyde Glasgow, Citadel, and Lead Scotland stand proudly alongside many others. 

How to Celebrate Intergenerational Week

Celebrating Intergenerational Week provides us with a unique chance. It’s a time to create lasting memories. But it’s also a good chance to learn from one another. Here are some ways to make the most of this special week:

Interact with Different Generations

Engage in heart-to-heart conversations with people outside your age group. Include everyone, from wise elders to spirited youngsters. Share your life experiences, dreams, and challenges.

More importantly, take the time to listen to theirs. You’ll be astounded by the kaleidoscope of perspectives they’ll offer. You’ll also learn insights that different generations can offer. These can all enrich your life.

Storytelling Sessions

Transform your living room into a cozy haven for storytelling sessions, where older generations gather to weave the intricate tapestry of their life stories and experiences.

As their tales unfold, the room becomes a time machine, bridging generations and creating a profound sense of history, heritage, and shared humanity for the younger listeners.

Intergenerational Activities

Immerse yourself in activities spanning generations. That might include tending to a lovely garden. It could also mean whipping up kitchen masterpieces or crafting beautiful works of art.

These shared endeavors build teamwork and can also forge unbreakable bonds. You’ll complete tasks while also enjoying joy and laughter.

Community Events

Embrace the vibrancy of your community by joining or organizing events that celebrate the rich tapestry of generations.

Picture picnics where children play with grandparents, workshops where the old share forgotten skills with the young, or cultural festivals that showcase the beauty of traditions passed down through the ages.

Volunteering in the Community

Seek out volunteer opportunities that beckon generations to collaborate towards a common noble cause. Whether refurbishing a local park, feeding the hungry, or mentoring the next generation, these are admirable.

Plus, they provide a terrific opportunity to give back to your community while strengthening community ties.

Educational Programs

Attend enlightening educational programs tailored to explore the intricate web of intergenerational relationships, the graceful art of aging, and the profound significance of understanding the diverse perspectives of different generations.

These programs offer insights that transcend generations and promote empathy and compassion.

Social Media Engagement

Harness the power of social media by using the hashtag #IntergenerationalWeek to chronicle your heartwarming experiences. Share the stories of laughter, learning, and connection that unfold during this special week, uniting people of all ages from across the digital landscape.

Family Gatherings

Call up your family elders. Organize a family gathering that brings together all generations. Bring together grandparents, parents, and children under one roof, where stories of yesteryears blend seamlessly with tales of today.

Share cherished traditions, beloved family recipes, and a sense of continuity that weaves the fabric of your family’s unique legacy.

Support Local Intergenerational Initiatives

Extend your hand to support local organizations or initiatives passionately promoting intergenerational connections within your community.

Your involvement, whether through volunteering, sponsorship, or advocacy, can ripple through generations, leaving an indelible mark on your neighborhood.

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