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Bring up some nostalgic childhood memories and enjoy a variety of fun activities in celebration of National Gummi Bear Day! 

History of National Gummi Bear Day

The inaugural observance of National Gummi Bear Day was celebrated in 2022 when it was founded by Haribo, the company that first created these little gummy candies. The name Haribo is an abbreviation using the first syllables of “Hans Riegel Bonn”, which is the name of the founder along with the name of Riegel’s hometown. The official German name of these little treats is “Gummibärchen” but in English, they are simply gummi bears.

After the creation of gummi bears, the Haribo company began growing internationally in the 1960s and then into the United States in the 1980s. By 2013, Haribo’s factories were making approximately 100 million gummi bears each day!

National Gummi Bear Day was established in honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Haribo’s iconic Gold Bears, commemorating the fun, playfulness and joy that gummi bears have brought into the lives of children and adults alike over the past century.

How to Celebrate National Gummi Bear Day

Enjoy Eating Some Gummi Bears

One of the first orders of business on this very important day is to head over to the grocery store or a confectionery shop and pick up some bags full of gummi bears. Choose Haribo or another favorite brand, like Albanese or Black Forest. And because celebrating is so much more fun with others, perhaps pick up enough gummi bears to share with others in the family, with friends, or around the neighborhood.

Learn Some Fun Facts About Gummi Bears 

National Gummi Bear Day is a great time to share the love of this delicious little gummy candy with others, whether in person or on social media. It might be enjoyable to learn a few different interesting facts about gummi bears and share them in honor of the day. Check out some of these to get started with:

  • The famous Haribo Gold Bears of today were originally called “dancing bears”

  • From 1985 to 1991, this treat had its own animated series on ABC, called “The Adventures of the Gummi Bears”

  • The world record for the largest gummy bear was issued in 2023 for a bear weighing more than 3800 pounds

Hold a Gummi Bear Taste Test

A fun activity, especially for the kids, on National Gummi Bear Day might be to pick up some different brands of gummi bears or other gummi candies like worms. Host a fun little event at home, at school, or even at the office, where people can participate in a blind taste test to determine which brand and flavor or gummi candies is the winner!

Get on board with all sorts of other exciting events celebrating candies including National Gummi Worm Day in July, National Candy Day in November, or National Candy Month in June.   

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