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National Intern Day is a vibrant celebration dedicated to honoring the hard work and contributions of interns.

It occurs annually on the last Thursday of July, which falls on July 25, 2024. This special day is recognized across the United States and is a testament to the invaluable experience interns bring to their workplaces.

The day emphasizes the importance of internships as a stepping stone for young professionals entering their chosen fields.

It’s a time for companies to express gratitude towards their interns, acknowledging their efforts and the fresh perspectives they offer.

Internships play a crucial role in shaping the future careers of these aspiring individuals by providing them with real-world experience and a chance to learn and grow within their profession.

History of National Intern Day

In 2017, to be precise, National Intern Day made its grand debut, thanks to the creative minds at WayUp. These folks, Liz Wessel and JJ Fliegelman, spotted a gap.

Many young ones were scrambling, trying hard to nab their first internships and jobs. Their solution? A platform named WayUp is aimed at easing this journey.

Their next big idea? A day solely dedicated to cheering for interns and marking their efforts on the calendar. The last Thursday of July was the chosen date, and voila, National Intern Day was born. It was an instant hit, rallying more than 1,000 companies to join the celebration. From tiny startups to the big leagues, everyone was in.

This day isn’t just about patting backs. It’s a spotlight on the intern hustle — learning, adapting, and striving. Companies show gratitude, acknowledging the new ideas and energy these young achievers bring. There’s even an “Intern of the Year” award, because who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition?

Discussions about intern rights and fair pay also get a nudge, aligning with WayUp’s mission to support young professionals.

From its humble beginnings, National Intern Day has blossomed, becoming a beacon for recognizing and celebrating the future workforce’s contributions​​​​​​​​​​.

How to Celebrate National Intern Day

Since its inception, the day has grown in popularity, with businesses of all sizes participating to show appreciation for their interns.

Activities can range from award ceremonies and professional development webinars to mentor-mentee lunches, all designed to enrich the interns’ experience and celebrate their achievements​​​​​​​​​​.

Roll Out the Red Carpet: Award Ceremony Fun

Kick-off National Intern Day with a bang by hosting an award ceremony that’s as unique as your interns. Imagine giving out playful awards like “Most Enthusiastic Coffee Fetcher” or “Master of Quick Email Replies.”

This light-hearted celebration not only adds a bit of fun to the office but also shows your interns that their daily efforts don’t go unnoticed. It’s a quirky way to appreciate the small things they do that keep the workplace buzzing.

Lunch with Mentors: Food for Thought

Nothing says “thank you” quite like a good meal, especially when it’s shared with mentors. Arrange a lunch where interns can mingle with their guides.

It’s a perfect opportunity for meaningful conversations and for interns to glean wisdom from those who’ve navigated the twists and turns of their careers. This blend of nourishment and knowledge creates a memorable experience, reinforcing the value of mentorship in professional growth.

Empowering Projects and Social Spotlight

Empower your interns by letting them lead a mini project from start to finish. This hands-on approach boosts their confidence and enhances their learning experience, all while they contribute tangibly to the company’s goals.

Additionally, showcasing their achievements on your company’s social media not only recognizes their hard work but also puts them in the spotlight for all the right reasons. It’s a win-win that celebrates their contributions and highlights the vibrant energy they bring to the team​​​​​​.

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