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How to celebrate Jul 31st

Let’s kick off the day by blending avocados into a delicious guacamole for a snack. As we enjoy our green creation, let’s jam out on an uncommon instrument. Whether it’s a ukulele or a didgeridoo, the key is to have fun and let loose! If you don’t have an instrument, create your own by crafting a simple one out of household items.

For lunch, indulge in a slice of raspberry cake for a sweet treat. While you bake, take a moment to appreciate the mutts in your life or consider fostering one from a local shelter. They’ll appreciate the love and you’ll enjoy some furry companionship for the day.

In the afternoon, let’s celebrate by jumping for jelly beans! Create a mini jelly bean obstacle course or challenge your friends to a jelly bean-themed game. It’s a great way to get moving and have a laugh.

As the day winds down, raise a glass to Black Tot Day with a mocktail featuring a mix of fruity flavors or simply enjoy a refreshing beverage. Wind down by watching a documentary about rangers or nature conservation to honor World Ranger Day.

Remember, the beauty of these quirky holidays is in the joy they bring. Embrace the fun, get creative, and savor the moments with each celebration throughout the day!

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