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Every year on October 8th, the world marks International Birth Registration Day, a vital observance aimed at ensuring every child’s right to a legal identity.

This day emphasizes the critical role of birth registration in safeguarding children’s rights and providing them access to basic services like healthcare and education.

Why do we celebrate this day? Across the globe, millions of children remain unregistered at birth, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

The absence of an official identity can prevent children from receiving healthcare, attending school, and participating fully in society. The day’s purpose is to ensure that all children are registered at birth, thus securing their rights and futures.

International Birth Registration Day reminds us that birth certificates are more than just documents. They are a child’s first legal acknowledgment by society.

Highlighting this issue helps increase awareness and drive actions that support the registration of all children. The purpose is to ensure they are recognized, protected, and given an equal start in life.

History of International Birth Registration Day

International Birth Registration Day was established in 2018. Johnson’s Baby initiated this special day in collaboration with Save the Children through the Right Start Program.

This initiative focuses on addressing the critical need for birth registration. This is crucial in the Middle East and Africa, where many children remain unregistered at birth.

The day underscores the importance of birth registration as more than a formal process. It’s a significant step in recognizing a child’s identity and rights.

Without a birth certificate, children often remain invisible to government systems. This leads to their exclusion from essential services like healthcare and education and makes them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

The partnership between Johnson’s Baby and Save the Children was pivotal, reaching over half a billion people and aiding parents of more than 17,000 children in obtaining birth certificates.

Despite the end of this specific partnership, International Birth Registration Day continues to play a vital role in raising awareness and prompting action towards universal birth registration.

The observance serves as a call to action to protect and uphold the rights of all children by ensuring their legal existence.

How to Celebrate International Birth Registration Day

Here are some fun and quirky ways to celebrate International Birth Registration Day:

Start a Chat!

Initiate conversations with friends or on social media about why birth registration is important. Think of it as a trivia game where every fact shared wins points for awareness!

Educate with a Movie Night

Host a themed movie night with films that discuss identity and rights. It’s both educational and a great way to chill with popcorn.

Write for Rights

Pen letters to local officials advocating for the importance of birth registration. Make it a crafty event with stickers and colorful pens to keep things light and fun.

Fun Fundraiser

Organize a quirky fundraiser with games and activities where proceeds go to a charity working on birth registration. Think mini-golf or a magic show to keep everyone entertained!

Register and Celebrate

If applicable, use this day as a reminder to register the births of any children in the community who haven’t been registered yet. Make it a celebratory event with cake to make the day memorable!

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