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Part of modern inner workings of every business and every industry in every country across the globe, bids and proposals make a vital impact on everyday life in every corner of the world. When the right contract is awarded to the right supplier it means that everyone in the community enjoys better access to the food, transportation, schooling and so many other things that they need and enjoy. 

International Bids and Proposals Day is here to show appreciation for the individuals and teams who keep the business world moving!

History of International Day of Bids and Proposals

While often taking a backseat and spending a great deal of time outside of the limelight, those in the bid profession are truly the “worker bees” who keep things turning on the wheel of commerce and innovation. In an industry that can be particularly cut-throat with tight deadlines, there is often little time to reflect on accomplishment. The idea behind this day is that these unsung heroes really deserve a time of recognition and acknowledgment for their extremely hard work.

The inaugural celebration of the International Day of Bids and Proposals took place in 2023, and the idea behind the day was simply to promote, raise awareness and bring up more conversations about the bid profession. The concept was established through BidCraft and has been supported in partnership with the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP), the worldwide professional authority for bid professionals.

How to Celebrate International Day of Bids and Proposals

Bring to light the vital contributions made by bid professionals and their teams by getting involved with International Day of Bids and Proposals. Consider some of these ideas for making the most of the day:

Take Some Time to Reflect

Professionals who are in this industry can schedule some time on International Day of Bids and Proposals to slow down, rest, reflect and recuperate. Schedule an extra long lunch, an additional coffee break or some other space where it’s possible, whether alone or with colleagues, to ponder on the industry, the work and how important this role is.

Show Appreciation to Bid Teams

Companies and organizations that rely on bid teams to get their jobs done can show some special appreciation for them on International Day of Bids and Proposals. Throw them a little party, have some cake, or honor their achievements with some recognition gifts for individuals or the whole team. Foster a sense of community by ordering pizza and leaving space for teams to share their collective experiences over a slice or two!

Consider a Career in Bids and Proposals

Those who don’t work in the bid industry but might be interested in a job change could use International Day of Bids and Proposals as a launchpoint for a new career. Take a look at some of these factors and learn more:

  • Bid professionals are at the front line of generating new business
  • Bid managers have a variety of duties including writing bids, managing relationships, and leading others
  • Bid specialists are always in demand, whether through contracts or employment

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