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Products are one of the main aspects of businesses everywhere that helps keep people moving and the economy growing. However, how products are developed and how resources are used can be a tricky thing to understand, especially in the global context. If you work in an industry where your products affect the lives of individuals each day or are just looking to understand how the product industry works, then check out the holiday known as World Product Day, a day dedicated towards helping others share their experiences in the economy through their company jobs. Help make World Product day popular by learning more about it!

History of World Product Day

World Product Day started as a way to celebrate the anniversary of Mind the Product, a company that works towards bringing people together to share their experiences selling, manufacturing, and developing products. According to their website, began in 2010 in London and has since been managing informal meetup events all over the world in over 140 cities. Mind the Product aims to help raise awareness of how product management impacts the global economy. Because 2018 is the first year that World Product Day began on, Mind the Product has been working towards bringing the concept of products into discussion.

Mind the Product hopes to curate the best on the web by providing insight on product developer’s experiences through their blog and hosted world-wide events. With World Product Day, these events become even more special by live streaming their events, hashtagging with #worldproductday and #producttank and connect people all over the world who want to join the discussion about products and what the future looks like in the global economy. Mind the Product also helps people that are curious about the global economy learn more about what products and businesses that work in the product industry do for a living. So, if you’re interested in understanding how products affect the work industry, then take part in the holiday known as World Product Day!

How to Celebrate World Product Day

Attend a hosted event at one of Mind the Product’s 140 city locations! By attending one of their various events, you’ll be able to learn more about how your business and other businesses affect the economy on a daily basis and understand what it means to be an active member of the global economy. If you’re unable to attend, then hashtag the day on social media using #worldproductday and #producttank and join the even through their live streams. By being proactive in the economy, you can be conscientious about how businesses affect your life daily and make smarter decisions about how you buy products.