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International Girls in ICT Day highlights the need for more young women and girls in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector.

It is observed every fourth Thursday of April each year. This global initiative encourages girls to pursue careers in technology, aiming to bridge the gender gap in this field.

It highlights the importance of providing girls with the opportunities and skills necessary for a future in ICT​​​​​​.

With activities ranging from coding camps to hackathons, the initiative emphasizes the empowerment of girls and young women through technology. It showcases efforts to ensure gender equality in ICT, enabling girls to become powerful change agents in a predominantly male sector​​​​.

The significance of this observance extends beyond encouraging participation in ICT. It addresses broader issues such as access and safety in the digital world, advocates for equal digital learning opportunities, and challenges the negative stereotypes that deter girls from engaging in tech-related fields.

International Girls in ICT Day aims to foster a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable technological future​​​​​​by focusing on leadership and promoting role models.

History of International Girls in ICT Day

International Girls in ICT Day has a rich history that underscores the importance of involving more young women and girls in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

The day was initiated by the International Telecommunication Union’s Plenipotentiary Resolution 70 in 2014. Its aim is to encourage girls and young women worldwide to consider studies and careers in ICT, a sector where female representation has historically been low​​.

This initiative’s backdrop is deeply rooted in the evolution of computing and technology, starting with Charles Babbage’s invention of the Difference Engine in 1822. This period marked the dawn of computer programming.

The technological landscape continued to evolve rapidly from the mid-20th to the early 21st century, witnessing the development of foundational computing technologies and the establishment of tech giants like INTEL, IBM, Apple, and Microsoft. This era also saw the advent of portable computing and the widespread use of mobile phones​​​​​​.

The significance of International Girls in ICT Day goes beyond mere celebration. It’s a call to action to bridge the gender gap in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

The day aims to inspire and empower girls to pursue careers in technology through various activities, such as attending tech events, providing mentorship, and sponsoring girls’ education in STEM.

Notably, the day also highlights the contributions of women in the development of ICT, from the early programmers to the influential women who led technological advancements throughout history​​​​.

International Girls in ICT Day is not just about commemorating the past. It’s about inspiring a more inclusive and diverse future in technology. Encouraging girls to explore and excel in STEM opens up new opportunities for innovation and equality in the tech industry.

How to Celebrate International Girls in ICT Day

Celebrating International Girls in ICT Day can be both meaningful and fun. This includes various activities tailored to inspire and support girls and young women in technology. Here are some engaging ways to mark this important day:

Host or Join Tech Workshops and Seminars: Young women can gain hands-on experience in the tech field by participating in workshops and seminars focusing on coding, app development, and other ICT skills​​.

Spotlight on Female Tech Leaders: Share stories of female tech leaders on social media platforms. Using the hashtag #GirlsinICT, highlight their achievements to inspire others. You can also arrange talks or webinars where these leaders can share their journeys and advice​​.

Engage in Coding Challenges or Hackathons: Organize or participate in coding challenges and hackathons specifically designed for girls. This encourages practical learning and problem-solving skills in a collaborative environment​​.

Mentorship Programs: Launch or sign up for mentorship programs that connect girls with experienced professionals in the ICT sector. Mentorship can provide guidance, support, and encouragement for young women pursuing careers in technology​​.

Educational Visits and ICT Career Fairs: Visit tech companies or ICT career fairs that can provide girls with insights into the tech industry. This can help demystify the tech field and show the diverse opportunities within ICT​​.

Community Projects and Initiatives: Get involved in community projects to bridge the digital gender gap. This could involve donating to organizations that provide ICT training to girls. You can also volunteer for initiatives to increase girls’ access to technology and education​​.

Encourage Participation in Online Courses: Promote and support girls in enrolling in online courses related to ICT. Many platforms offer free or discounted courses that provide valuable skills that can kickstart or advance their careers in technology​​.

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