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Animals offer a wide range of benefits to the world, including emotional support when they are kept as pets. But many helpless animals live at risk each day and they need some assistance from their human friends. Help Animals Day was founded with the intention of raising awareness for and encouraging cooperation between the various animal welfare foundations and individuals who love animals and want to help. 

History of Help Animals Day

With its inaugural celebration in 2022, Help Animals Day was founded with the purpose of spreading the word about what to do to help all of the animals in the world that are at risk. The organization behind the launch of the day was One Voice for Animals in the United Kingdom.

With the belief that all animals should be treated with compassion and kindness, One Voice for Animals UK founded the day with the hope that they could not only help raise awareness, but also provide support and resources for other organizations who are critical to helping animals.

From cats and dogs to birds and more, Help Animals Day offers a perfect opportunity to show some love and care to these companions who need a little bit of help.

How to Celebrate Help Animals Day

Get on board and show some love by celebrating Help Animals Day with some of these delightful ideas and plans:

Make a Donation to Help Animals

As the One Voice for Animals UK was created in an effort to help the various animal shelters and animal helping organizations, one great way to celebrate Help Animals Day might be to show some love by making a financial donation to a favorite local animal shelter. For those who aren’t sure which organization they would like to help, check out the One Voice for Animals directory

Volunteer to Help Animals

Some people who feel especially connected to animals might be interested in signing up to volunteer at a local animal shelter. Many different roles can be filled by volunteers in shelters, including feeding, cleaning, holding and playing with animals. Other roles that could be useful might be dog walkers, trainers in dog schools, reception volunteers, laundry workers or even foster carers for the pets.

Attend Help Animals Day Events

Those who are more deeply involved in volunteering or working with animals might want to join in on some interesting educational events or conferences that are held in honor of the day. It’s a great way to learn more, grow in the field and get involved in celebrating Help Animals Day, particularly for those who are connected with the day because they are Animal Welfare Establishments.

Throughout the year, a wide range of other days can be celebrated along the theme of animals, including World Animal Day in October, International Animal Rights Day in December, or International Homeless Animals Day, which is celebrated in August.  

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