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Avid pipe enthusiasts all across the world are invited to join together in their appreciation for this ancient pastime in celebration of International Pipe Smoking Day! 

History of International Pipe Smoking Day

Using pipes is the oldest traditional form of smoking and while it has evolved over the years, in essence it has remained very much the same. Getting its start in 2008, International Pipe Smoking Day (IPSD) began as an opportunity for pipe smoking hobbyists to celebrate this pastime.

Smokers Forums, a premier online forum in the UK, launched International Pipe Smoking Day, beginning through local pipe clubs that hosted small, in-person events. The date was chosen because February 20 is the anniversary of the founding of Smokers Forums.

As word spread about IPSD, more merchants, shop owners and others began getting involved so that the celebration grew in size and scope. Now, this day is supported by a wide range of different enthusiasts, including the Comite International des Pipe Clubs, which is the international organization with members in at least 25 different countries across the globe. The United Pipe Clubs of America (UPCA) is part of this organization and the IPSD events.

While pipe smoking tends to be a solitary pursuit, especially in today’s world, International Pipe Smoking Day invites people to join together, taking time to enjoy this shared passion with others in their community.

How to Observe International Pipe Smoking Day

Check out some of these ideas for getting involved with International Pipe Smoking Day:

Attend a Pipe Show

One of the places that pipe smokers tend to unite together around their common interest is at pipe shows. This is a time when these hobbyists can gather with other like-minded enthusiasts to connect with each other, learn and grow in their appreciation of pipe smoking.

Visit a Local Tobacco Shop

Locally owned tobacco shops are often run by passionate connoisseurs who want to make tobacco available to their community. International Pipe Smoking Day might be just the time for a pipe hobbyist to visit a tobacco shop that is nearby. Strike up a conversation with the person behind the counter and consider trying a new type of flavor or style. Of course, it is also possible to purchase tobacco online, but part of the beauty of the experience is visiting the store, taking in the aromas and enjoying the conversation with other pipe lovers.

Buy a New Pipe

Perhaps International Pipe Smoking Day would be a great motivator for a person with a pipe collection to consider adding to it! The North American Society of Pipe Collectors was founded in Ohio in 1993 to show support for pipe smokers, share information and knowledge about tobacco, and provide camaraderie for people who are passionate about pipe smoking. Check out their website for resources and more information on adding a piece to a pipe collection. 

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