Forget-me-nots, the tiny little blue flowers you can find in the wild fields, have much in the way fo symbolism. They are mostly associated with the memory of loved ones during rough times, and for people like disabled veterans, often not they are usually forgotten in this day and age. Forget-me-not Day aims to change the way people view disabled veterans and help people remember again. 

History of Forget-me-not Day

Forget-me-not Day goes back to the times of World War I when American soldiers would come back from war wounded. These veterans at the time were coming back at rates far higher than the government expected, and there were very few organizations and services available for those wounded in the war.

Because of the massive influx of wounded warriors, Judge Robert S. Marx, a decorated World War I soldier, founded Forget-me-not Day to help remind people of the sacrifices those made during World War I, raising funds for disabled veterans through selling Forget-me-nots. After returning from the war, he helped establish the Disabled American

Veterans Foundation in 1920, which annually celebrates the holiday through the annual sale fo Forget-me-nots and annual caucuses ever since. People on this day remember the veterans who lost their lives and honor disabled veterans who still live to this day.

People thank these veterans through various means, sending thank you letters, spending time with them to learn about their life stories, and treating them with the respect they deserve. People also take the time to purchase forget-me-nots and give them to their loved ones and veterans.

Forget-me-not Day aims at encouraging people to remember the services those have gone through during a time that was believed to be the war to end all wars. 

How to Celebrate Forget-me-not Day

Buy a bouquet of Forget-me-nots and if you know a disabled veteran who’s dear to your heart, give them that bouquet and thank them for their services.

Donate money to the Disabled American Veterans foundation to help support their organization in their effort, or donate to any of your favorite organizations that support disabled veterans. Learn about the effects of World War II through research, and take the time today to learn a disabled veteran’s story.

Share this holiday with friends and family members through social media, or just speak to them about it! Everyone on this day can benefit from learning the stories that veterans have been through and help share that wisdom and compassion with everyone. 

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