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Square dancing is a style of country dancing that typically includes four couples who face into the center of a square, completing moves as they are announced by a caller. This type of dance has roots that can be traced back to 16th century England and 18th century France when cotillions and quadrilles were all the rage. As Europeans settled in the colonies, this fun activity of square dancing took on its own flair. Sometimes they even take place in barns.

Today, square dancers typically dress in a country way, with the women wearing knee-length skirts while the men don Western style shirts. Anyone is welcome to wear cowboy boots!

History of International Square Dancing Month

Recognized by a number of organizations, International Square Dancing Month of do-si-do and swing your partner offers a delightful opportunity to either learn how to square dance for the first time, pick up some steps from long ago, or practice for that competition!

And, don’t worry. Those folks who really just love Square Dancing don’t have to stop the fun after the month of September is over. In fact, National Square Dancing Day takes place in late November, so enjoy this month and then be sure to keep practicing.

How to Celebrate International Square Dancing Month

Celebrate in country style by grabbing a partner and heading on out to a square dance! Check out some of these ideas for enjoying International Square Dancing Month:

Learn to Square Dance

In celebration of International Square Dancing Month, get into the groove by signing up for some square dancing lessons! This style of dancing does require four couples, but many people arrive at a square dance on their own and then can pick a partner or trade off with someone else.

Learn how to “circle left”, “promenade” or “sashay” to the tune of some lively folk music. Most importantly, be sure to have tons of fun!

Attend a Square Dance Competition

International Square Dancing Month might be a great time for spectators to watch some folks who have been practicing for some time to learn some moves. Check out a variety of square dancing competitions – which may be local or might require a bit of travel, depending on where a person lives.

In South Carolina, where the square dance is considered the official state folk dance, people can make plans to attend the convention put on by the Square and Round Dance Federation each year. Other square dance clubs can be scouted out on the United Square Dancers of America website, which is the largest square dancing organization in the world.

Listen to Some Square Dancing Songs

Let the theme of that music playlist be square dancing songs during International Square Dancing Month! They’re easy to find on YouTube with a quick internet search, or head over to Spotify and create a list of favorites. This toe-tapping music is sure to have folks out of their desk chairs and swinging around the room in no time!

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