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This day is celebrated in honor of the game “court tennis”, which is referred to as “real tennis” in Britain and Australia, and “jeu de paume” in France. Court tennis is considered by many to be the original game that dates back more than 800 years and is different from “lawn tennis” which is the game that most people are familiar with in today’s world. 

History of International Tennis Day

International Tennis Day was founded in 2014 and is a collaboration of the US Court Tennis Association and the US Court Tennis Preservation Foundation. It also has the support of all of the various governing bodies and associations throughout the globe. The aim of the day is to act as a motivation for current court tennis players as well as mobilizing new ones to get involved with the sport.

The hope for International Tennis Day is that the various court tennis clubs, universities, schools and other tennis players around the world will be simultaneously celebrating the day with events, exhibitions, tennis lessons, tournaments, marathon matches, parties, teaching clinics and so much more! As more and more people get involved with court tennis, the hope is that this day will encourage participation and catalyze more players.

International Tennis Day is situated on June 20 as it corresponds with the anniversary of the day that the first Tennis Court Oath was taken in 1789. This occurred in France near the Palace of Versailles and acted as a pivotal historical moment for the French Revolution. An inspiration behind the day continues to be the most famous painting of a tennis court, “Le Serment de Jeu de Paume”, which was created by Jacques-Louis David in 1791.

How to Celebrate International Tennis Day

Have fun and pay respect to this game that dates back centuries! Get involved with International Tennis Day using some of these ideas:

Try Playing Court Tennis

One ideal way to get involved with International Tennis Day would be to try playing. The slightly more difficult thing might be to find a court. As the game continues to grow, courts have become more popular and are popping up in cities in the US as well as the UK, Australia and Europe. Show some love for the day by finding a court, joining a club and giving it a shot!

Learn More About Court Tennis 

Court tennis, real tennis, or in the past “royal tennis”, this game is a bit different from the lawn tennis that more people are familiar with. In honor of International Tennis Day, perhaps it would be interesting for novices to learn a few things about this type of tennis that are different and unique. Check out some of these to get started with:

  • Court tennis is played indoors and the ball is handmade and has a core made from cork. It is more like a cricket ball than a bouncy, rubber lawn tennis ball.

  • Rackets for court tennis are wooden, have a longer handle and are asymmetrical.

  • Instead of just using the court and the net, the walls play an important part in the game when it comes to court tennis. The ceilings are high and the walls and ends are also typically asymmetrical, but there is no exact standard dimensions for the court in real tennis.

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