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Those who bake on a regular basis can get excited about this event. But even those who don’t can certainly take this time to get back into the habit – or learn baking as a new skill. Avid bakers can also make this a family or community event by inviting a person who doesn’t bake to join in on the adventure, learning how to bake and spending quality time together at the same time. It’s a win-win for National Baking Week! 

History of National Baking Week

National Baking Week was originally established in 2007 by the baking company, Pyrex, but the event is now celebrated by a wide range of people along with other baking focused company brands. The idea behind founding the day was to bring back a reminder to individuals and families about the benefits of baking at home. National Baking Week was originally started in the UK, but its principles are universal and over the years the event has spread to other places around the globe.

How to Celebrate National Baking Week

Check out some ideas for getting connected with National Baking Week:

Share Baked Goods

Baking is a fun pastime that is enjoyed by many, but one of the best benefits is the experience of sharing with friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, and anyone else in the community who might enjoy it. Consider baking up some loaves of bread and taking them into the breakroom at work. Or make some muffins and pass them out to people who are unhoused or might not have had a home-baked treat for a while. National Baking Week is a great time to get outside of oneself and reach into the community to offer a bit of goodwill and joy. 

Learn Some Benefits of Baking 

While there certainly is a convenience factor to being able to pick up everything the family needs at a supermarket or local bakery, National Baking Week is here to act as a reminder of the amazing benefits that baking can bring into a person’s life. Whether pursued as a habit to cut food costs or as a hobby for fun, a myriad of benefits exist for people who choose to engage with baking. Check out some of these:

  • Baking benefits mental health

    Baking is an activity that can offer considerable stress relief, stimulate the senses, boost the mood and generally increase overall mental health.

  • Home baking is usually healthier

    This is because store-baked goods often have excess sugar, contain various preservatives and other chemical ingredients, and are extra-processed.

  • Baking at home is satisfying

    Sure, there are times when the end result isn’t perfect, but those who bake regularly can find that creating and making is a satisfying reward that comes with a feeling of accomplishment.

  • Baking can be more affordable

    People who have already invested in the needed equipment can find that the cost of baking at home is usually less than buying baked items at the store.

Looking for other events all throughout the year that focus on a love of baking? Consider celebrating National Bake for Family Fun Month in February,  World Baking Day on May 19th or Bake Cookies Day in mid-December.    

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