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With the rules of baseball, kickball is a version that is simpler (and perhaps safer) because all that is required is a ball, a couple of make-shift bases, and some friends who want to have a little bit of outdoor fun. 

So go get those kicking shoes on and get ready to get a kick out of this day – because it’s time to celebrate National Kickball Day!

History of National Kickball Day

Kickball is a popular playground sport that has been around since the early 1900’s. It seems that the game was founded in 1917 by Nicholas Seuss (no relation to Dr. Seuss, though, as his day is celebrated in March!). This decidedly American game got its start in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio where it was played in parks and large backyards as well as on school playgrounds. In fact, the inventor of the game, Mr. Seuss, was the Supervisor of Cincinnati Parks and Playgrounds, which may be why he was so motivated to create the game. 

Originally called “Kick Baseball” the game was used by physical education teachers to teach school children the basics of the game of baseball, but with less equipment and fewer opportunities for injury. The game of kickball is typically played on a field that uses three bases, a pitcher’s mound, and a home plate.

Like with the rules of baseball or softball, two teams will compete to score runs by kicking a rubber ball and then running around the bases to score. The team with the most runs at the end of the game is declared the winner, of course! The sport is easy to play and tons of fun, so it is not surprising that it has grown in popularity with both children and adults alike.

Though it got its beginnings in the US, kickball has grown in popularity around the world, due to its simplicity. It is especially enjoyed in South Korea, where it is known as “foot baseball”. In Japan, the game kickball is played by elementary school students and is translated as “kick base”.

Kickball fans of all ages have been begging for a day to share their love of the game so, at long last, National Kickball Day is here! Spring is an ideal time of year for the day to be celebrated, as the cabin fever of the winter is being shaken off and the weather is usually nice enough for kids to get outside for recess again!

National Kickball Day was launched in 2014 by WAKA (World Adult Kickball Assocation) Kickball & Social Sports, which is the nation’s premiere social sports and event company that runs kickball leagues for thousands of people each year in the United States.

National Kickball Day gives everyone an excuse to get outside and relive those childhood glory days or discover a new way to exercise!

How to Celebrate National Kickball Day

National Kickball Day is a delightful time to celebrate and enjoy all of the fun of childhood! Observe the day with some of these whimsical kickball-centric ideas:

Sign Up to Officially Participate

To formally take part in celebrating National Kickball Day, be sure to visit to get a copy of the official rules of the game. Then, it’s time to recruit twenty friends, family members, neighbors or coworkers together and set up a kickball field for an afternoon (or after-work) game! It is also possible to join one of WAKA’s many pre-established kickball leagues by registering to play at their website.

Learn More About Kickball

While pretty much every American child has probably played a game of kickball at one time or another over the past century, information about it isn’t exactly taught as a subject in school! So, perhaps National Kickball Day would provide an ideal opportunity to learn a bit more about this iconic American game.

Try out some of these interesting tidbits of trivia about kickball to get started:

  • In the country of Canada, kickball is often referred to as “soccer baseball”, which actually makes sense because it uses the rules of baseball but it is played with the feet!
  • The World Adult Kickball Association was founded in 1998 in Washington, DC, and now has leagues in more than 35 US states as well as the country of India. WAKA is the largest sanctioning body for the sport of kickball.
  • The WAKApalooza Founders Cup Kickball tournament takes place annually in Las Vegas.

So, to all of those kickball fans of the world, grab a ball and play a game with your friends and celebrate your favorite sport!

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